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Honestly, this has been sitting in my drafts since December. 

It's been two months since the best day of my 2022 happened. I FINALLY SAW BRIGHTWIN! I've been manifesting it since the first day of stanning them, it has been an ultimate wish and so happy, really so happy that before this year ended, it finally came true. I couldn't even put it into words how happy I am... I might just really write anything and everything here just for the sake of keeping that best part a memory.

I'll be sharing my Shooting Star Manila experience in this blog, all the good and bad. 

When GMMTV finally announced the tour, I was really hesitant at first because it's an F4 Tour. No offense to Nani and Dew but I was really hoping for a full show of just Bright and Win. I am pretty much decided, against all odds, that I'll be at BrightWin's concert in Thailand on December 24. But when they fully announced the benefits of Shooting Star Tour, who can say no to the 4:5 photo op they promised to SVIP ticket holders, I'll be seeing them up close finally. It is going to be a dream come true! So I weighed my options, and despite being decided to go to Thailand in December, I know it will be very hard to convince my husband to allow me to go because it's the 24th, Christmas Eve! And when I checked the airfare to Bangkok, it doubled the usual price. Shooting Star Manila is the most practical choice, and so I went for it. 

Getting my ticket is another story. I don't know why this is what always happens in PH ticketing but I guess there never was a peaceful one. Globe Telco, which is one of the major sponsors of the Manila leg suddenly had a discounted pre-sale of tickets a day before the official ticketing day. I just find that a little sneaky and unfair. I only got my funds ready on the ticketing day, all stressed because I thought I'd never get an SVIP ticket anymore. Despite the little bump, I got my SVIP, not my desired seat but still feel lucky to have it. 

I flew to Manila again, 2 days before the concert date, just for the buffer. Actually, another agenda was that I was hoping to meet them at the airport. I thought they'd be there at least a day before, just like they always did before but I am surprised to find out that they're flying so early. The funny thing was my flight was on the 17th at 10pm from Davao, they flew from Thailand to Manila at around 8. I arrived in Manila almost exactly at the same time as them, only that, I was in a different terminal. Long story short, I still didn't get to see them.

It was a little chaotic on the day of the concert. I started it happily though, meeting most of my online fandom friends and I swear, it's the perfect bonus of this fan meet. Meeting the people you only get to interact with online, and share thoughts and interests with, seeing them in person is just as happy as finally meeting your idols too.

I remembered it also rained so hard that day. When we got to the venue it was another frenzied scene...

When I finally got inside the venue, I was shaking, and very overwhelmed, I couldn't name all my feelings. I just know that I am ready to cry any second. It took a while before they finally came out. The show started an hour late, they were expected to appear at 6pm but because there were still attendees lining up outside to get in, the show started at 7pm (7:18pm to be exact). 

They started the fan meet with Who Am I, one of the soundtracks from their series Boys Over Flowers Thailand. Then a welcoming short talk with the host MJ Felipe. It was so nice to hear them talking to us in English and expressing how excited they were to finally meet their Filipino Fans in flesh. They also took turns in singing their solo songs. Nani performed his song from F4 Thailand soundtrack Best Life. Dew also sang his song In The Wind. Finally heard Win's That Person Must Be You live and I cried!!! We also love that Bright chose to sing his version of an OPM favorite by Eraserhead, With A Smile. Another fun moment is when they answered some pre-selected questions from fans. BrightWin acknowledging Filo Brightwins is one of my faves! They ended it with the slow, heartwarming version of Shooting Star. 

After the fan meet, we stayed behind for the photo op. Watching them interact with their fans up close is so gleeful. When it was our turn, it was quick. But I finally was able to show Win my tattoo of his name. Ghhhad I saw and heard the cutest "oh" ever! Bright and Win are both so godly handsome!!! Are they even real? But they're real... I saw them! I said Hi and I love you! Bright even responded, "I love you too!" I just wish I was able to record it though. Why am I born obedient? LOL

The day ended exhausting but really, really fun! 

I just want to add quick feedback on how the fan meeting was handled by Rise Media. 
Disclaimer though... this is from experience. 

I'd like to thank them first for bringing BrightWin, Dew, and Nani to the Philippines. As mentioned, it is a dream come true. I am also satisfied with my seat as SVIP. I never expected to be that near and the platform height was okay for me because I was able to see them well. If there's anything that I think needs improvement, it's how chaotic the entry to the venue was. It took a while for the program to start, it was delayed a bit because not everyone was able to get inside the venue on time. We've been trying to ask for a baggage counter too, even before the concert date which I think is really essential, but there's none. Rise Media promised a "concert" but the show ended so quickly that it turned out to be a fan meet instead.

Because this is something I've been wishing so much to happen, I went all out, even flew to Manila from Davao, and fought for a good seat, and an SVIP ticket for the promised group photo. I just want to air out that I am disappointed with the group photo. I'd say I am really really disappointed and brokenhearted even as it seemed like it's not even a decent shot, Dew and Bright are not ready and no matter how much we asked for another copy, we were never heard. I hope next time, the production will put it into consideration that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it may, or it may not happen again, and I may never get the chance again. So I hope, if there can be a next time, it'll be a much better experience. 

Nevertheless, meeting BrightWin is MAGICAL. There were a lot of bumps but it was all worth it. Seeing them up close is a dream come true. I am the happiest fangirl alive having to see them up close.



Check out my Shooting Star Concert Vlog! 

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