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Finally got my hands on this gem! I got this a week ago and I had to wait for a week so I can try it out and feel it...

I'm a #journalbabe... but mostly, I write my full emotions in my journal I thought a 5-minute journal wouldn't really work for me. Having followed @kasanant for almost 2 years now and getting to watch her "bloom" starting from sharing her thoughts through @a.pieceofthesky and @girlandherwings, the healthy perspective she has and sharing that positive vibe with her followers made me want to try what really worked for her.
Now that I've read her story in this journal, it gave me more motivation and the hope that maybe it'll work for me too.

Tried it out for a week, and took 3 more habits with it like skincare, no rice, and daily walking and I'm pretty much doing good, not missing a day yet.

@girlandherwings Daily Journal has been changing the way I look forward to my day ahead and it also redirected my thoughts before I sleep... so far, for seven days, it's been doing the work.

I am glad I chose this journal this year... I am looking forward to a more positive change of perspective this 2023.

To a grateful, self-loving, positive Sunshine... CHEERS! 🥂🦋💕

PS. Thank you so much for signing it and for pursuing this project. It's such a blessing... continue to inspire and share your positivity. Hope I get to meet you in person soon!

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