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Get started on your lashes and nails beauty journey as NÉW Lounge brings its magic to Davao City


Davao City. NÉW Lounge, an upscale Nail, Eyelash, and Wellness beauty services provider, is cementing its presence in the King City of the South! This Manila-based beauty brand is immersing itself in the city and aims to promote the province further as a Beauty Tourism hub. NÉW Lounge Davao was its first-ever branch in Mindanao, initially opened in July 2020 at Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City. 

A little less than two years later, with the brand’s quest to be more accessible to its clientele, the branch was relocated to a more upscale area on the second floor, Bourke Hotel, 115 P. Pelayo st., Poblacion District, Davao City. Now at the center of what’s hip and happening, NÉW Lounge Davao is more than ready to give its very own Davao Lash Dolls a whole NEW pampering experience which was once only available in Metro Manila.

“I must admit that I was utterly in awe of my first encounter with NÉW Lounge. I was astounded at how peaceful the setting was, how warm the Lash Specialist was, how I could relax during the application, and how light and pain-free those lashes are. Before, I had to leave for home so that I could have a nap. I no longer have to, though. Instead, I decided to take an R&R trip to NÉW Lounge so that I can wake up with gorgeous lashes. Truly a game-changer for me.” - Jehza Huelar-Simon

Launched as the face of NÉW Lounge Davao, Jehza is a proud wife & mom, fashion model, and beauty queen - Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2018 title holder and made us all proud when she made it to the top 10 of the Miss Supranational 2018 competition held in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. This Dabawenya is no doubt the perfect beauty to represent her hometown. She calls on the whole of Davao and its neighboring towns to access premium lashes and nail services now brought nearer to them to enjoy. “The world (as a mom and a model at the same time) is easier with lashes. With lashes by NÉW Lounge, I feel more confident and prepared for anything!”, quips Jehza. Indeed, she is the epitome of a worldwide woman, a well-traveled, cultured, and determined lady who never forgets her roots, always making time to promote her home province and the exciting products and experiences that it can offer to its visitors. Since she moved back to her hometown, she was very happy to find a place to relax in NÉW Lounge, ecstatic to be able to continue her lash experience - a self-care practice that she feels is something that can no longer live without.

Last July 15, 2022, a small ceremonial, catholic blessing, and ribbon cutting was held to mark the grand
launch of NÉW Lounge Davao, with Jehza, NÉW Lounge’s Davao and Manila teams, and special friends of the brand in attendance. It was an acknowledgment of God’s hand in helping NÉW Lounge Davao stand the test of the pandemic for the past two years, and to thank Him for the opportunities He has opened for the brand in general. In true NÉW Lounge fashion of introducing its lounges to a wider audience, a Lash Doll Night was held later on the same day, as the main event of the branch’s grand launch. Attended by the most prestigious ladies of this generation, women entrepreneurs, and Davao’s best personalities, it seemed as if it was a mini-reunion for NÉW Lounge Davao’s influencer circle who, after so long in the pandemic, was finally able to put on their best dresses and slipped on their highest heels for a night of pure fun. Themed as “Dressed for Success'', everyone came in their best selves, glammed and ready to flaunt their beautiful lashes and nails all by NÉW Lounge. Their loyalty and support to the brand proved that women of class choose only the best for their lash and nail services.

Serving only the best quality eyelash extensions, NÉW Lounge is known for lashes that are great for
workouts, can withstand hours of swimming in the pool or the sea, and preserves your natural eyelash
hair. It is life-changing, to say the least, as proven by the brand becoming the number 1 eyelash provider in the country and is the go-to lash lounge of major personalities because of the signature NÉW Lounge pampering experience and of course, its top-notch products. As their loyal clients say, “once you try NÉW Lounge lashes, you can never stop coming back”.

More than introducing the brand to everyone in Davao & neighboring localities, NÉW Lounge wants to
highlight the beauty of the province with Jehza visiting the city’s main tourist destinations. Featured are
local artists like NinoFranco— Davao’s pride and sought-after fashion designer, AnMari Handmades by
Annie Candari and daughter Andrea Taylor, Davao’s most popular fruit - the Durian and tourist spots such as the Davao Crocodile Park and Zoo and Davao City’s very own Kapitolyo. “Beauty Tourism is something that the brand is pursuing, most especially that Davao has so much to offer! The love for nature and culture thrives within the soul of the city as businesses show growth and the economy is rising,” says Andrea Taylor, NÉW Lounge’s Marketing Officer for Davao. NÉW Lounge is here to enhance the Filipina beauty, as they step out to explore equally beautiful and breathtaking places. Gone are the days when traveling was only to experience native delicacies and products, meet new people, swim in pristine beaches, and get to know more about local historical sites. Now, with NÉW Lounge in the city, people shall flock to get their lashes & nails done too. “Having the best of both worlds, the beaches and the mountains, NÉW Lounge’s quality lashes are perfect for every adventurer and the tourist’s desire for excellent and comfortable lashes as they set out to explore. We want to make NÉW Lounge a part of every traveler's itinerary so that they would come here to get beautiful and to practice self-care before heading to their next travel destination,” she adds.

The brand invites everyone, locals and visitors alike, to check out its Davao lounge, whenever they find
themselves wanting that much-deserved pampering. As Jehza puts it, “It's important to take care of
ourselves. There are days when being busy makes us feel worn out and unproductive. Because of this, we require self-care to serve as a constant reminder to rest and appreciate our personal time. We can't
accomplish everything at once, but if we take the time for rest and self-care, we can accomplish anything ahead of us.”

NÉW Lounge Davao is located at 2/F Bourke Hotel, 115 P. Pelayo Street, Poblacion District, Davao City. To know more about NÉW Lounge's products & services or to book an appointment, head over to www.newloungeph.com. Contact no. 0945 590 7132.

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