Devil Sister is Finally Here!

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One of the series I've been looking forward to watch is finally here. 

Devil Sister premiered last April 18 and became the talk of the town... Not surprised though, even the mock trailer was well-received being the fastest to get a million views among all GMMTV's prepared series for BORDERLESS 2022. 

It trended number 1 in Thailand and number 2 worldwide on Twitter! 

Devil Sister is a Thai romantic comedy television series about love between next-door neighbors.

Irin (Min Pechaya), the IT girl running Bannasorn Publishing House, is crowned "the devil" for her tempestuous and fearless demeanor. But what nobody knows is that it is all an act. The truth is Irin only puts up a mean front just so her younger sister, Inn (Piploy Kanyarat), can stand out and be adored by all. But no matter how well Irin puts on such a cattish act, she can never stop her younger next-door neighbor Namcha (Win Metawin) from falling in love with her. (Source: Wikipedia)

Just finished watching the first two episodes and here are my first impressions:

This Thai drama is sooo soo good! I am not so sure If am biased or not. No offense to Viu but this deserves to be on Netflix and deserves to be on the mainstream. You see, episode 1 just didn’t get me swooning over the lead guy (that’s given), the plot is interesting… No wonder Min Pechaya is labeled one of the best veteran actresses in Thailand. Her expressions are on point… And Ticha Chumma is a surprise! She’s the perfect spice. And the pets, uwu the pets!! The pets just add UWUness to the series!
Of course my main man, Win Metawin just exceeded my expectations! For someone who followed his works, I know that he has improved a lot, just surprised to see the improvement... just a week ago we see him as Kavin, and though Doctor Namcha being a rich, professional bachelor, a little (JUST A LITTLE) similar to his character as Kavin, we see no traces of Kavin at all.

Fun fact: Win just mentioned earlier that he had to take antihistamines because he’s allergic to some of the animals but watch him being so natural!!!

Okay… I might be a little biased but really, Devil Sister is promising.
I know a Thai Drama has its own caliber but for someone who’ve seen hundreds of KDramas, I must say… this drama can keep up with the KDrama standard and trend.
And yup that’s just for one episode, i might be exaggerating… or not. All I am saying is Devil Sister deserves to be hyped. Congratulations Mr. Koo!

Addressing the conflict of the plot which is the age gap. The first few episodes show a flashback to Doctor Namcha, a high school student secretly dating his next-door neighbor who is a college student, Irin. I've read that some are uncomfortable with this. Here's my take (setting aside the fact that this is fiction, as I have never considered that perspective on a series like this), what really made me look forward to the plot is how Irin handled her relationship with Namcha in the past. I am curious what exactly is the reason why Irin had to break up with Cha, I was hoping he realized Cha is still too young.. because he is. But I also want to point out how relateable the plot is... I am guessing 4 out of 10 fell in love with their neighbors at some point. And 2 out of 4 fell in love with someone way older than them. I am 1 out of 2! At 14 I cried so hard for a 29yo puppy love.

What I am saying is, that this may not be the most rational and the most upright plot there is but am looking into the resolution of the conflict and the development. It is called conflict for a reason. When in truth, a television series is just supposed to be something you have to enjoy, some people including me expect to get something out of it... takeaways, like how it's called. As a long-time drama fan, it has been one of my personal criteria, so I based my criticism on how the series is trying to reach out to their audiences. I am looking forward to knowing how this "red flag" can be turned into green. (I hope I make sense.) And we're still on Episode 2, so I am holding my horses. Right now, I am honestly basing my initial reaction on the execution as of now, and so far, so good.

You can watch Devil Sister on @gmmtv’s YouTube Channel.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:
It’s also available on @viu_th @viuindonesia @viusg and @viumalaysia.
Hopefully, @viuphilippines will pick it up too!!

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