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Exactly 15 days since 2019 ended and I finally had the chance and the inspiration to write my 2019 recap!

Earlier last year, this is what I had on my Dream Board. It was my ultimate 2019 dream to see ASTRO in flesh. And 2019 made me realize that dreams come true with a bonus!

2019 had given me the most wonderful memories of my life so far. Of course, nothing beats my children being born but I must say, last year was my happiest year so far!

ASTRO announced their 2nd ASTROAD Tour January last year and that time, it was suntok sa buwan for me. But guess what? I went to my first concert ever! Last April, I went to Bangkok to meet ASTRO for the first time and it was super duper over-the-top an amazing memory for me. Not to mention that it was also my first out-of-the-country travel experience.

Andami kong entries! Obviously, I was so overwhelmed and antagal kong naka move-on! I will be sharing more about my trip and my concert experience in details soon!

Another 2019 highlight was my GG Fanmily Adventure last March!

I was so glad I joined in my Gong Yoo - Kim Go Eun Fanmily last year for a quick Luzon adventure. It was then that I saw the beauty of Taal Lake and I appreciated it even more knowing that Taal Volcano just erupted a few days ago. It was a trip with full of firsts... my first time at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay, my first time at Malacanan Palace, first time to see Urbandub perform live. Should I be doing a separate blog for memory keeping too? I think I should!

I also was able to successfully organize a major event for Cha Eun Woo Philippines and Amari Global in collaboration with my Aroha family.. Last August, I flew to Manila again to join ABS-CBN's Gangnam Beauty's Block Screening. It was stressful and exhausting but definitely, definitely FUN! Sobrang worth it naman!

Sobrang kinilig ang lahat kay Kenzo at Mikka nang mapanood sa big screen for the first time sa Gangnam Beauty Advance Screening Party kahapon! We'd like to thank everyone who came at the event... and for making this event super successful! Special thank you to Ms Shawntel Cruz for gracing the event and singing to us Gangnam Beauty's official OST "You're Making Me Kilig". And to Miss Jamie Rubia, our Mikka! Thank you for letting us hear Mikka's kilig lines earlier!! Thank you of course to ABS-CBN Kapamilyanovelas for this opportunity and for making this event happened! ❤️ Sincere thanks from Cha Eun Woo Philippines, Im Soo Hyang Global and Aroha PH!!! See you in our next events!!! GANGNAM BEAUTY SA KAPAMILYA GOLD, SA AUGUST 5 NA!!! #GangnamBeautyonABSCBN #GangnamBeautywithArohaAmari #ASTRO #AROHA #AMARI #ChaEunWoo #ImSooHyang #limsoohyang #μž„μˆ˜ν–₯
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My major plot twist last year was seeing Cha Eun Woo the second time, touching his hand the second time, and finally showing him my Aroha tattoo! Cha Eun Woo went to Manila for his first fan meeting tour! Yah ghorl right here shouldn't miss her ultimate bias' fan meeting right?! Yah ghorl sat first row and stared at Cha Eun Woo for 2 hours! I've been saying this a lot but that was one of the happiest days of my life...3rd BEST!

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My 2019 was filled with fangirling moments! I definitely won in life last year but wait, there's more!

I finally found my pang-forever tribe... the Davao Mommy Bloggers!!! In the middle of last year, my "influencer" and "blogger" life wasn't really this active. But I got to meet wonderful and inspiring mommies who pushed me and motivated me to get back on my feet.

I recall those times I was so enthusiastic about writing, taking good photos, OOTDs, flat lays, creating contents for brands, attending events... and the only thing I had was my iPhone 6 plus a not-so-good internet. I remember it clearly, I was on fire. I had an episode year 2017 when I had to... just quit. But after a number of good pep talks and a great support system, I decided to get back to it. I bought a camera, created a decent "studio" with decent "light", bought my much needed "tools", enrolled in webinars and online classes... I invested in it, but... I lost the passion... I got almost everything I needed to get started again except the will to take a step. But... Yes another but. I found my inspiration back! I met good friends... who shares the same passion... and they just brought it back. To be honest, I'm still a little scared, scared that history will repeat but... I used to be very optimistic. I am also getting that positivity back! So to my new tribe... this is an appreciation post! Thank you for inspiring me... Swipe left to meet them! ❤️ #MommyBlogger #MomBlog #LifestyleBlogger #styleblogger #DavaoMommyBloggers
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I'm not finished yet!

So much more has happened in 2019!

I launched my YouTube Channel...

and I went to my first ever Manila blogger event... E-Pop Gala!

This year 2020 started rough... but with God's amazing grace and glory, I am hopeful that this year will beat my 2019. To everyone who became a part of my best year, THANK YOU! 

"2019 is yet another rollercoaster.. or like big waves... in Siargao! πŸ˜‚ Hopefully next year, i'll learn to surf literally and figuratively!
To my GREAT BIG GOD, thank you for always running after me.. I will no run away from You again."


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