Outfit Post: 3 Ways To Wear an Oversized Button-Down Shirt

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To celebrate my 7,000 likes on Facebook, here's an outfit post for the first time in a long time!

Bought a button-down short sleeve shirt at Chatuchak Market for my husband when I went to Bangkok last April because I fell in love with the Star Wars print. He likes it.. but I love it so I ended up wearing it more than he wears it. 

Here are 3 different ways to wear an over sized button down shirt:

  • Wore it as a tie-front shirt and paired it with a high-waist shorts and sneakers! 

Wore as a cover up! Inner top is a cropped top, paired with high-waist shorts and slip-ons!

Went vintage with high-waist hip hugging denim skirt! 

and wore it just as it is.. 

So I have to "arbor" this for good. Now one of my faves!!

What do you think?

Anyways. happy 7000 likes for Everybody's Sunshine page! Thank you for all your support!

I'll get better than this... I promise!


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