Dressing Up On Sundays!

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I cannot decide what to post so it took me until 9pm to post our photos today. This is supposed to be posted just on my page but the shots are so good I guess it deserves to be on my blog!

Dressing up on Sundays has been my struggle before when I am usually seen as "hubadera". The typical me is cropped top and high-waist shorts. I don't know when it started but I fell in love with vintage and Korean fashion so my closet is now really full of long sleeves and long skirts! I could imagine my previous superiors rolling their eyes because they have always reprimanded me of going to the office in a cropped top!

Now, choosing a Sunday outfit is still a struggle... especially when I have a lot of choices this time!

Vintage and Korean Fashion, where do I usually get them? SOON ON VLOG!!

Headband from Laurel & Co

Skirt from Korea Fashion Davao

Jujube Mini Helix worn as Belt Bag

And of course here's with the daughter!

 I know this is too much photo.. forgive me.. I can't decide!!!


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