Top 5 Reasons Why I Love StyleGenie!

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Annyeong Fashionistas!!

If you haven’t heard about them yet, Philippines just finally got an answer to every girl’s never ending dilemma of WHAT TO WEAR everytime they face their closet! Actually, they’ve been around for more than a year now. StyleGenie Ph is here to have your closet wishes granted!!

I already received 2 surprise purple boxes from them, I'm seriously loving them and I am about to tell you Top 5 Reasons why I love StyleGenie Ph! ❤️

5. The element of surprise each box makes it exciting! ❤️ Also at number 5 is knowing that StyleGenie is founded by all women! GIRL POWER!

4. Their boxes are curated just for you! According to your style preference, only even better! ❤️ When you create an account with them, you will have to create a style profile.. and leave out the rest to them.

3. HASSLE-FREE shopping. Going on a date? You will never have to rush to a department store and stay there for hours looking for the best clothes to wear! StyleGenie knows exactly what you need and it will be delivered right at your doorstep! Plus, CASH ON DELIVERY IS NOW AVAILABLE!

2. I’m inlove with their little post-it note every box. It makes you feel really special! When I asked for a Kathryn Bernardo style outfit, here’s the note that went with it:

And my heart went: 

1. They grant your style wishes like a pro... scratch that... They really are pros! Every month, they feature professional and experienced stylists to help their subscibers find their own style.

It was some time this year when I joined StyleGenie as their Style Ambassadress! I was so thrilled to be one of them, of course! I know I’ve been telling you this a lot but fashion styling and dressing up is what I always love to do ever since I was a kid. And becoming an ambassador of one of the trending fashion companies in PH is a dream come true. 

Now here's a treat for you!

Get your first box now at StyleGenie, create an account and use my code SHINEXSG500 to get Php500 off your first purchase!

Ending this with StyleGenie's slogan:

SAY "I have nothing to wear" no more!


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