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Writer's Block?

Grabe. I was so blank for two weeks trying to find the kasipagan in me to update this blog. That's because I've been feeling guilty as this has been my first love. I even have to ask the mothers in my group for a motivation and topics they want to see in my page. It felt like my page is super irrelevant, and it's just puro my paganda and really useless. Though I originally decided to make this blog my pocket of memories, even memories, I didn't have the diligence to write. I had a small talk with my bestfriend today and I just shared that I feel really stagnant. I pretty much need a little more push... and well yeah, that’s all there is. 

Oh nothing! Just showing you my super pretty mug from Miniso! 

After having a dose of caffeine today... I just decided to go ahead and write whatever.. and pull the trigger.. and maybe, just maybe, this will open the door to consistency. I couldn't even count how many times I tried to be consistent in updating my blog. My boss who became one of my closest friends told me, I might want to take it easy and not pressure myself in writing too much content. She said it might be better to write something short and spur-of-the-moment posts.

I am also hyped to do a relevant content.. so I might do a KDrama review, a brand review, or another First Time Mom guide. But for today, just to warm myself up... let me update you with what I've been obsessing lately.


I am currently watching A Love So Beautiful, a Chinese drama that everyone has been talking about lately. And I can't blame them. I finished the drama 2 weeks ago and I am still hooked. I watch 2 episodes everyday just because I miss it everyday. Malalang withdrawal ito! Haha

At the same time, I am watching The Great Seducer which is an ongoing Korean Drama airing every Mondays and Tuesdays. The story line has been criticized a lot and their sentiments are valid but I still love it. Another ongoing Korean Drama I have been following is Something In The Rain (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) starring Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin who are both my favorites. I've been waiting for this drama, it took a while before they can get a sub version that is pretty decent, JTBC did well in protecting the drama's copyright. Heard that it topped on it's first airing. Let me know if you want to hear my thoughts about these dramas and I'd be happy to share. Though I am really going to write something about A Love So Beautiful soon. Just like Goblin, it is one of the dramas that gave me the feeling that I want to preserve.


Oh and please don't roll your eyes on me... what I am currently reading is A Love So Beautiful the Novel which I am so thankful it has been translated to English. The Novel can be found here.


As for fashion, I think my preference changed lately. Well, anjan pa naman yung hubadera mood ko sometimes (crop top and shorts) but lately, I'm into Korean/Japanese fashion. Collared tops, baby doll dresses and the likes. I've been collecting collared and bow tie tops and sailor and skater skirts. Watch out for outfit posts soon!


I've been listening to 90's pop and alternative but my favorite playlist right now is the recent covered songs of Elton John of Bernie Taupin by my favorite artists Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith and more!


Well, there's a lot to share actually. Olivia's recent OOTD photos, my revamped home-office space, my new tattoo, our wedding anniversary and really a lot more. I hope I'd be able to update soon.

More Thoughts...

Funny how eager and inspired I was to vlog and blog before when I don't even have the gadgets and props. Now that I got them all... I couldn't even start! Lol.

My warm up was way too long! That's it for now!

See you in my next post REAL SOOOON!

Much love, 

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  1. thank you for sharing this,
    I have been on hiatus for quite some time but recently I am on the roll with making posts.

    ❤ Ms. Kei

    1. Hello Kei!

      That's nice to hear! Will check out your posts too!
      Thank you!

  2. I was glad naay parehas nako na naglisod ug move on sa ALSB, pangit kaayo sa ABSCBN daghan ug cuts makalagot. :( Jiang chen and Xiao Xi forever! <3

  3. Yey, parehas ta naglisod sad kog move on sa ALSB. Finished it within 2 days, lahi rajud. Pangit kaayo sa ABSCBN daghan ug cuts. Anyways, looking forward napud sa Meteor Garden ni Shen Yue, pero #JiangChenXiaoXi parin forevs!

    1. Dili pajud ko prepared for Meteor Garden. Love kaayo nako si Jiang Chen! 😢😢


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