Review + Giveaway: Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Face Mask

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I just recently posted my new night skin care essentials on instagram and promised to make a review of some of the products used. I had to research the Korean Skin Care Routine just to have the idea of the order and the benefits of what I have. 

First up Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Face Mask

Here’s a quick review of Glossier Mega Greens Face Mask which I used to detoxify my skin.

The packaging is simple and clean. Not much info on it. Only the logo on top, the name and the instruction on the container.
Leafy Green Phytonutrients
Bitter Orange Peel
Creamy White Clay
Avocado Oil and Aloe
Superfruit Antioxidant Blend.

Claims: allergy tested, dermatologist tested, appropriate for all skin types, appropriate for sensitive skin, fragrance free, paraben free, cruelty free.


I am happy about one thing, I was not swamped with the smell. It's not scented. It's not overwhelming. I was comfortable with that. As with the texture, it's a bit creamy and glossy. It doesn't stick much once applied in the face so that's why you have to put a thicker layer.

So after I washed my face, I went to use up my pumpkin mask and toner, I covered my face with Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Mask and left it for 20 minutes.

I had a pinkish matte finish and it felt really clean. It did not feel uncomfortable while in my face.. after rinsing, it felt smooth and it felt cleansed. I had a minor breakout 2 weeks ago and gladly with the set I am using right now, it all dried up.

Overall, I am happy with the result and would recommend this product. I am using Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel as my moisturizer after applying this. This has to be partnered with Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask but the Aloe Vera Gel worked for me.

Special thanks to  and Deej Garcia for sending me this...

And now for the giveaway,

I will be giving away Glossier Skin Perfecting Tint to one lucky winner.

Just head to this link to know the mechanics: #ypsphxsunshinegiveaway

Thank you for reading!! See you next post! 

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