Waist Training: Does it Really Work? Week 1

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Hey ladies!! I know some of my followers are waiting for this blog post. Just recently, Janine of Waist Trainer Davao asked if I'd like to try Waist Training. I said yes without hesitation because I think it's an answered prayer for someone who just gave birth via CSection and can't do heavy workout yet. I am totally up for the easiest challenge. LOL. My first impression of a waist trainer is that it only helps you look slimmer in a tight dress. But of course, I'm totally wrong.

I really wouldn't be able to tell you if it does work 100% because I am still at Week 1. But I am sharing you my experience. I will also be giving you a few tips, do's and don'ts and the best place to get it so go ahead and read through... 

Week 1.


It was funny when I was asked about my exact waistline because all this time I thought I am still at 27. But when I checked it out... I laughed so hard to find out that my waistline is now 30! I laughed because I was really in denial that I am getting big. Anyway, when I got my waist trainer, the first time I tried it, I had the hardest time hooking it up.It was entirely a breathe in, breathe out marathon. I had to ask my fiance for help because it's really difficult. However, while I was wearing it, I never felt uncomfortable up to my 4th hour. You're only supposed to wear it 2-4 hours daily for a beginner so it won't damage your waist. 

On my second and third day, I still asked for help but only until we're halfway, I got to hook it up myself half of it all the way up. Breathing is fine and I can easily move. I am actually enjoying it. 

On my fourth until today, eventually, I can hook it up myself easily. And I love wearing it with my tight dresses! I have a lot of those but I am hesitant to wear because it really doesn't compliment my post-baby belly. Now I can wear them!! 


Here are photos of me and my favorite bodycon dress with and without waist trainer.

With Waist Trainer
Without Waist Trainer
After week 1, does it really work? Hooking it myself trouble-free on the 7th day is an improvement, I say it does work. So they say it is advisable to have two waist trainers to use alternately... check out what's best for you... 

I want to try out Diana as an alternative. 


Royal Silhouette Collection Price List:


•Victoria-P1500 (P1200 Sale)


•Marie Antoinette-P2500

These Waist Trainers are available at Waist Trainer Davao
They also have an Instagram account: @waisttrainerdavao
You can also reach them on Viber, Whatsapp and via Text through 09255264637

Waist Training Tips:

Will be posting another update next time. Hope this is helpful! 


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