My 2017 Style Trend List!

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Hey everyone! How's your 2017 going so far? Are you fashion ready for 2017? Have you updated your wardrobe? If not.. read through and check out my 2017 Style Trend List from StyleWe!

A-line Button Skirt

Mostly paired with long sleeves but this will look good with an off-shoulder top or midriff top. With my usual style, I'd pair these with midriff off-shoulder top. 


Still in and still trendy for me. This will always be my favorite style because I always liked pieces that are sexy and classy at the same time. An Off-shoulder top can be paired with a maxi skirt, wide leg pants or high waist shorts.

Wide Leg Pants

Corporate or Street Style, these are still in for 2017. I also often pair wide leg pants with off-shoulder midriff tops or button down shirts. 

Not leaving your Boho side in 2016. You can still wear these lovely Japanese Kimonos! Pair it with your fave bikini top or those boho printed midriffs. 


Backpacks are back and they are making a scene this 2017. Just about time. Millenials are now fond of traveling in style. You might wanna go get one! 

Chunky and Kitten Heels, Tassel Flats, Sneakers and Pointed Pumps 

I don't know about you, but these pieces are timeless. They are still my best bets for 2017 footwear. 

These are just some in my list which I think is in for 2017. All of these can be found in StyleWe. A great fashion destination for everyone. You can check out StyleWe Review if you're wondering about the shopping experience. Hopefully, I'd be able to post OOTDs with some of these styles soon. Watch out for it!

How about you? What's on your list? 

See you!  XOXO

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