Thank YOU for 2016.

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Wow! Just wow! Another year is about to end once again and here I am, staring at the things this year had brought me.I am actually literally staring at the most precious thing this year had given me. My healthy, pretty daughter. 2016 is another tough year for everyone. I could say that this year is the most stressful year so far. With the increasing noise brought by social media in all aspects... politics, chismis, war, and everyone's life out in the open.

But just the other night, a one-month-old baby girl currently fighting for her life reminded me of how blessed I am this year. I was crying so hard and just in time, this beautiful Air Asia video suddenly played and it all came to me like a movie, of everything that I have... everything 2016 had brought me. And this is just one of the things I am thankful for... Thank you, Air Asia, for reminding me to always have a grateful heart. And what's the best way to end the year right? A simple thank you post for this year.

Thank you 2016...

...for all the material things I received this year, for those I wished and for those I never asked for. Thank you for making my life visibly abundant.

..for the new beginnings, open doors, for the things I started and started again, for the new opportunities and for the yes's to all proposals. Thank you for believing in me.

...for the new and renewed friendship and for those who stayed in my life this year. Thank you for the memories. 

...for the teachers in all forms, good experiences and amazing people to look up to. Thank you for being an inspiration. 

...for all the lessons and for the fresh knowledge. Thank you for my growth.

...for the gift of life and family. Thank you for giving me the best reason to live.

But thank YOU for 2016. 

This year wouldn't be as great if not because of YOU. 

Thank YOU to my Best friend, my Provider, my Healer, my Deliverer, my Protector, my Great Teacher, my Father, my King...

It is You and You alone that I want to thank this year. Because it is You who made everything possible. 

Thank You, Lord, Abba Father, for 2016. And thank You for another year of greatness and grace. 

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  1. Awww mads. You are indeed blessed. Happy New Year 😘

  2. You have really good looking kiddos. Yan pa lang, umaapaw na ang blessings. ;) Happy new year shine! :)

  3. Happy New Year! Cheers to an even better 2017 for all of us. 😘

  4. More power to you and your family, Shine! Happy New Year! <3

  5. Ang bilis ng panahon! I remember nasa cebu tayo and you were still carrying Olivia then. Ngayon malaki na si baby! Happy new year to you and your family Shine!

  6. Have a blessed new year, Shine! Keep on shining. :)


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