Something New From Your One-Stop Media Shop CD-R King!

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Hey, everyone! Yes, Christmas rush is a headache. Are you still looking for that perfect gift for your driver/gym buddy/boyfie?

CD-R King, your favorite gadget store brings you this amazing and ver affordable Bluetooth headset. This is perfect for a motorist who wants to be fully focused on the road while driving but never wanted the drive boring. People who actually wanted to be more productive especially that the worsening traffic right now is so much time-consuming, this Bluetooth headset allows you to use both hands on the wheel, attend to important calls and still focus on driving. 

This can also benefit cool working parents who want to dance off the workloads and house chores. It will make you move around easier while on the phone or listen to your favorite playlist. And your Gym buddy will be so much happy with this as he can move and exercise freely without the annoying wires and cables. This will give him a very conducive workout for uninterrupted exercise activities.

This can also be good for students who would like to listen to music while memorizing or studying for an upcoming exam. 

Everyone will love this actually. Your grandma, your yaya, your nephew or niece, just everyone. This Bluetooth headset can be connected with most gadgets including your home pc and audio devices other than your cell phone. It gives a wider range of connectivity to up to 30ft range.  

You can get this for as low as 280 pesos and can be your perfect gift for you manito or manita this Christmas season. So visit your nearest CD-R King branches now and check this wonderful gift for anybody. Follow them on their FB Page: for more updates and promos. 

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