OOTD: Happy Color

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This is my OOTD when I attended the Happy Skin Beauty Caravan at Chimes Boutique last November 13, We were told to wear happy colors. There's so much to tell about that day so I'm gonna post my OOTD first. I've been really trying to balance my time these days between kids, events, blogging and rest. But I will be sharing my Happy Skin Caravan experience soon. 

Boho Off Shoulder Top: Naked Clothing Ph (got it in 7 colors)
Culottes: From an FB friend online. 
Shoes: Primadonna

I like having a dresscode during events. It makes me feel giddy and excited whenever we're required to dress up because I consider it as a challenge. But street style had always been my forte. I am not much into glam or corporate. Uhm, do you have something in mind that you'd like me to wear next? I'm up for the challenge! Just hit me a comment! See you next dress up!



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