Why I Want An OPPO F1s

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In the ocean of awesome phones in the market right now, how can one stand out? Lucky to be given the chance to try out an OPPO F1s and I can't deny that I am truly impressed. Now I am dying to have one. That gives me the question why do I want an OPPO F1s?

OPPO F1s was introduced to us when they first held a media gathering in Davao and as mentioned in my post, OPPO F1s basically has a lot of features that can keep up with all the flagship phones of other brands right now. It is equipped with an octa-core processor backed by a 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 3075mAh battery, 5.5-inch 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen encased in a sleek metal cover. What makes it different from other phones is the 16 megapixel front camera that offers exceptional selfie photo along with other camera features including selfie panorama, GIF maker, palm-activated shutter and beautification app. It is not named The Selfie Expert for nothing of course. These are just few reasons why OPPO is now the 2nd best selling smartphone brand in the Philippines.  

But my most favorite feature of the OPPO F1s is its 0.22s Touch Access. I actually thought that this feature won't work for me since I have sweaty hands. But when I got to try it out, I was amazed that it actually worked. This makes it more secure by unlocking my phone without needing to remember passwords and this time in the fastest way. In addition to that, you can set different fingers to launch an app as easy as 1-2-3!

Here's a video of how fast it unlocks... 

and here's why should I win an OPPO F1s..

I just gave birth to my baby daughter and she's now two months old. This photo was captured using an OPPO F1s.

Aside from the fact that I want to make memories by taking a lot of photos of her and my eldest son, the fast touch access makes life really easy for me. Since I ditched office work, I am now a full-time mom, an online seller, and a part-time blogger. I make handmade accessories and sell them online. This is our main means of living.
My phone is just almost everything to me. Having an easy access phone like OPPO F1s is just what I need. This is especially helpful when I am carrying my daughter trying to pacify her or breastfeeding her while checking emails, messages, and updates from my buyers . Imagine the inconvenience when I carry my 5kg daughter on one hand and drawing a pattern or tapping my password to unlock my phone on the other hand. So the easy access features of the OPPO F1s are perfect for me.
Plus, I just turned 29 last October 4. It will be a wonderful gift for a self-proclaimed hardworking mom like me.

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