Olivia's 2nd Month OOTD and Her Photo Blog

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Hello everyone!! 

My Olivia just turned 2 months and now growing bigger and prettier! And while I enjoy my #OOTD posts, I am now obsessing dressing up my adorable little Olivia. Like I mentioned in my previous post about her, I mostly find cute outfits online and most, if not all are hand-me-downs. I photograph her almost everyday. I am enjoying it a lot! 

Here's what Olivia wore on her 2nd month.

I got her top and shorts from Thelittlecloset Byzia, an online shop on facebook who sells what she calls export sets. They're cute korean pairs with really good designs and good fabric. I also like the seller. She's patient and very accommodating. You better check her out. 

Her white bow headband is a DIY masterpiece. Just got everything from the top I no longer use. Maybe soon I'll post on how to make her headbands and turbans. I've made a lot already. 

But the main purpose of this post is actually to introduce Olivia's photo blog.  I got a very cheap domain for her and decided to make it serious. Like I said I've been taking a lot of photos of her lately and I don't want to flood my facebook wall with her photos just because I can't decide which one to post. If you wanna check her photos and her outfits, visit www.mariaoliviaysabel.com and maybe, just maybe, you might want to follow her site. I will be tagging shops of where I got her outfits. 

For those who are asking how to achieve her beautiful photos using only my phone... watch out for my next post!!


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