Sunshine Meets Kathryn at Huawei Royal Affair.

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It's not a secret that I am one of those millions and millions of Kathryn Bernardo's fans. When our president posted about the event, the feeling was close to that when I was about to meet my son, my labor days.

Thank you so much @huaweideviceph for giving me one of the most magical moments of my life! Judge me all you want na basta I am a proud #KathNiel fan jud.. I was so happy yesterday i was the only person who got the chance to take a solo pic with her, ask her a question, hug her and even the only one who was given an autograph! Thank you blogger friends sa support sa akong super babaw na happiness! For taking the photos and the videos @caramielrush @dugompinoy_com @aprilgarcia08 @jexxhinggo thank you Davao Bloggers esp. to kuya @druesome! Finally!!! And of course thank you @bernardokath for this magical moment!! You're soooooo awesome to your fans!! Just got lucky I was part of the media.. BLOGGING ABOUT IT REAL SOON AT credits to @davaogeekhub for this photo! #kbhuaweiroyalaffair #kathrynbernardo #huaweiroyalaffair #huaweiteenqueen #kcb #shinemeetskathryn
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Last December 13, that was one of the most magical moments in my life. Call me whatever but it was ever unforgettable!

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Huawei The Royal Affair on it's 3rd leg chose Davao at SM Lanang Premier. Those butterflies in my stomach started while still on my way to the event. We were informed that the event will start at 4pm but chose to be there early which I never regret because it started at 3pm. 

There were couple of front acts who started the program and it took a while before Kathryn came out. So while they are still performing, I took time to buy something for Kathryn hoping I'd get the chance. As the hosts mentioned it was actually the first ever for SM Lanang to have that huge crowd, only done by the Teen Queen, this crowd had the deafening outcries of the fans. I was at the VIP tables and there I am trying to suppress the urge to scream too when finally the Teen Queen went out on stage to perform. I wanna burst into tears because I was too overwhelmed but then again, since I am at the VIP section with the bloggers, I tried my best to remain calm. Swear, it was difficult.

Guess these photos will tell it all!!

(c) Josef Cagas

(c) Josef Cagas

(c) Josef Cagas

My gift for the Teen Queen!

My signed planner!

Luckily, because of my ever supportive blogger friends, I got the chance to personally ask her a question at the press conference. And another luck, I got the chance to give her my gift and a solo pic with her! I was shaking the whole time.

Now I know why the girl have been blessed so much. Her good heart radiates! She is sooo good to her fans. I wish her more success and never ending blessings. To her and to Daniel Padilla. 

And of course, my third best luck was when the organizer had my planner signed! All goals achieved that day!
Thank you so much Huawei The Royal Affair for making this a dream come true!! 

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