It's More Fun In Offsourcing!

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If you are a great reader of my blog, I've nothing but praises and appreciation to the company I am working with right now. And I think it's time to do one dedicated post to share my happiness with Offsourcing Philippines. It is actually my first year anniversary with the company and I am praying and hoping for more years with them. I listed down Top 6 reasons why I stayed and would like to stay for long with OS.

OFFSOURCING Philippines Inc., is headquartered in Los Angeles but with branch office in Davao City, which was established in 2006 to help local talents find jobs that match their skill sets at the same time to help both small and big companies (clients) achieve their optimum business potentials.

"OS - the largest Filipino owned BPO in Davao! The best company to work for in the Philippines. And the biggest Davaoeno owned bpo in the city. For the people, by the people "- Johnny Cheng

6. The salary. Well, of course.  Like many employees, this is the main reason why we stay. Sometimes the only reason. LOL. Well, in this company, you get what you deserve. We are well compensated. No delays. When payday falls on a holiday, you'll get your pay the day before. For disputes, just let them know and they'll have it fixed right away. And I'm happy to say that for a year of working with OS, I only missed my monthly incentives twice. My first month and when I took my PTO (Paid Time OFF) for three days. So why did I put Salary at the least of my list? Because OS is more than just compensation...and free shoes!!!

5. Yes.. I just got my free shoes from our dearest clients which I cannot mention. I am currently working as a "fashion stylist" for this big online shoe company in US. We even had the chance to choose a pair we'd like to have. Well, it does make sense, if we wanted to provide better service we should get to experience these items we are dealing with. But not every company does that.

Ling Er

4. And for us to provide better service, for us to do the job well,  the leadership makes sure that everything's covered. Support's always there when needed. I mean, Ive been with 3 other companies and basically this is what should be done. But with our leaders, it's always a guarantee of an improvement in a friendly manner. Well, I think what I mean is everyone thinks of a game plan but handles it with no pressure.

Team Building! Unli food and booze!

Party Time Perks! FOOOOODDD!!

3. Well, another thing i super love about the company is that they always makes US their top priority. I could not even explain it in words how accommodating they are to their employees. We even have our own Happiness Team who caters not just the customers happy experience but also ours. There are things in the company that we really could not control especially if it's actually what the business needs,but OS do all they can to make everything easier for us. Every time it gets intense on the call floor, the leadership will wrack their brains off  thinking of what could be the best activity to make the environment fun under pressure. We have free food, games with awesome prizes, quarterly all expense paid team buildings, parties with unlimited booze, just pretty much everything an employee wants and even needs.

2. With OS, you can be whoever you are. You can wear whatever you like. You can be fashionista or not. You can be straight or gay. You can be young or old. As long as you can handle the job then you'll be accepted with open heart and mind.

1.To wrap it up with the top and the best reason why Offsourcing is awesome, above all is because OS is family. The place feels like home. I don't know how they do these, but everyone is just so welcoming, so friendly and so homey. From your team mates, our TLs and our Managers, the I.Ts, The Trainers, HR dept, the Happiness team, even our security team and kuyas of the utility team,  the clients and most of all The Three Kings: Johnny, AC and Ed. Our CEOs! Even the heads of the company party with us, drink with us, fondly having fun with us. The culture and the environment feels like you never want to leave work. No matter how stressful the day is, you have your teammates you can eat out together with and your bosses to talk to with whatever reason.

So you see, these may just have been 6 reasons. But every person you are with the company is a reason. Every peso you earn, every smile and every great opportunity is a reason. This company is a blessing. And I am more than grateful.
Sometimes they'd ask me, what is my motivation. I'd say too many to mention. So that's why I could say Happy Anniversary to me because I have more than one reason to stay.

Special shout out and thanks to the hottest TL in town, TL Cody.  I've been handled by a lot of supervisors and nothing compares to you. Thanks for being one of my motivation, for being so dedicated with the team, for never losing faith and for being our potter molding us to be the best! Kudos!

To my team! Thanks for helping me killing the time at work, making the shift less boring and for just being a family.

To our Managers! Boss Felix, FM Miranda and FM Jenny. Thanks for doing everything to make things easier for us, for listening and for approving our PTOs! Haha.

And to Boss Johnny, Ed and AC, thanks for all the reasons listed up there!! Thanks for everything!

And of course Thank You Daddy God for this company!!!

Indeed, it's more fun in Offsourcing!

P.S. Super excited to blog about our Year End Rave Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am really glad that you are satisfied with your job. I have also started working in a company and pretty soon there will be their corporate holiday party. They have asked me to suggest some company party ideas but I am not getting any ideas. Could you help me in this?


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