Hijo Estate Resorts: Perfect Getaway Destination!

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Hey everyone!!

With so much rest from blogging, here I am back with one of the best ever getaway I had and I am so excited to tell you about it! Last September 8, Hijo Estate celebrated Fiesta and Partner's Day and I am one of the luckiest bloggers who got their invitation to tour around the whole Hijo Estate Resorts.

Around 1pm bloggers met at Hijo Tours office in Damosa. After almost an hour and half drive, we arrive at the Heart of Davao Gulf, Hijo Estates in Brgy. Madaum, Tagum City.

The Spot.

When we arrive, we were accommodated at The Spot. They prepared an awesome Spaghetti with Garlic Bread for us which just made the day perfect because we were oh so hungry. LOL. The Spot offers fishing cottages rentals  where you could go fishing all the way. They charge you depending of the weigh of the fishes you caught and cooking is included in the fee.

The Forest

After our visit at The Spot, we were escorted to a tour shuttle with special umbrella men (too bad I was not able to take a picture with). First stop: The Forest! We were greeted warmly with the friendly wild boars and monkeys! Yes, Hijo Resorts Forest is a home to hundreds of wild boars and monkeys and other forest creatures. We were able to experience the hanging bridges overlooking the jungle forest.

The Plantation and The Orchard

Hijo Estate Resorts is actually within a 760-hectare banana plantation. But not only that, they are also exporting coconut products since they also have several hectares of coconut trees planted within the area. While we were touring we've seen how Eco-friendly the whole place is. They even have a hectare of coconut trees only for the monkeys living in the forest. Situated within is their own orchard which also features not only Bananas but also Durian, Mangosteen, Lanzones, Pomelo, and Rambutan. We even get to visit the place where they process all their products and get to taste their coconut sugar. It's heavenly sweet!

The Port

They also showed us Hijo Port which is still under construction. According to Hijo Resources Corporation Website, Hijo Port is set to be the largest container-handling fleet in Mindanao upon its completion on 2015. Planned to be 54 hectares large, strategically located to connect Mindanao to major Asian markets.

Finally Banana Beach!!

The world's only beach inside a banana plantation.

It's kinda gloomy that day I forgot to take a picture of the beach! But Banana Beach doesn't just offer the fabulous beach but also their classy infinity pool with a bar and their Casitas as what they call. Casitas are cabin-style, air conditioned accommodations for overnight stay. We went to check what's inside and everything inside is absolutely relaxing. 


They also offer other accomodations. Please check their website for more information.

Next stop is another resort within the plantation called Lanikai.

Lanikai is a Hawaiian word which means "Heaven by the sea" and this is exactly what it is. 

We were invited to the cocktail party for the celebration and we had the chance to roam around the resort. Lanikai is actually a heritage house owned by Tuason Family which turned into a hotel like house and welcomes people who wants to spend a relaxing time. It offers accomodations and a variety of activities, from kayaking to camping, Lanikai also have its own infinity pool to enjoy.

And when we arrive there we were welcomed by a dance from Jose Tuason Jr. Memorial National High School Dance Troupe.

The food were mostly fish dishes, mostly sushis and makis. What I love most is the breaded fish and I think most of us loved it. There's pizza and tacos and banana chips! We were serenaded and it was definitely a wonderful experience to end the day.

 And for all of these, I'd like to thank Hijo Tours for inviting us to their grand celebration and for letting us experience what they offer.

By the way, Hijo Estates also is currently developing Plantation Villas a prime locale for homeowners interested in high end residential living by the sun and the sea.

Outft Details:

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And here are other photos I have with the Davao Bloggers.. 

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