T shirt Day in Pink!

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Hello there! We had this very sudden Dress Code at the office last Thursday. Super short notice. We should all be wearing Pink T shirt.  It should be T shirt and it should be in pink. So for the girl who's not into T shirt. I went last minute shopping for a shirt and the funniest thing is that I'm really not sure if I got the pink or not. You see, I'm color blind. When you thought that it's only for male. Well, fact is girls can be color blind too. It's rare though. I think it's all about genes and chromosomes. But in simple understanding, men got higher probability of being color blind than women. So it's still possible for us to be color blind. Unfortunately, I have it in my genes!


Well anyway, So I got this shirt. The only shirt that suits me. Got it from children's section at NCCC Departments Store. I got the large size for kids. Paired it with a tutu skirt. I got it from one of my thrift shopping escapades. I was actually thinking of wearing Chuck Taylors but I couldn't find it and I was running late. So I ended up wearing my over used pink rain boots.




So what do you think? Did I nail it?

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