Sunshine-ish Way

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 How's everyone?

It took me an hour or so to decide on what's gonna be the title of this blog post.
Suddenly I remember our gorgeous Floor Manager, she's selecting for some items my team mate brought and when she found something she liked she said "Miranda-ish"
So I hope you don't mind the title because basically the outfit I'm wearing today is very me.

I woke up an hour before the shift and that means I am running late. I have the habit of contemplating on what  to wear before going to sleep and I my mind is battling on deciding if I'm going to wear my typical Midriff and Skater Skirt. With no success, I woke up panicking because I don't know what to wear. And well, since I panicked I ended up wearing the typical Sunshine-ish style.

One cute thing though is that the bottoms that I am wearing is actually a pair of shorts. Not skirt. But the skirty type. I got it online from a friend. The top I am wearing was from Chic Boxroom and it took a long time for me to finally wear it. This time it went well with my skirty shorts.

So what do you think?

Long Sleeve Cut Out Midriff: Chic Boxroom
Skorts: Online by Hanna Joyce Echavez
Oxfords: Centerpoint Plaza

Sunnies from my collection!

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