Hey Im Back With An #ootd!

by - 7:39:00 AM

Like I mentioned.. I got soooo many outfit pictures saved on my phone.  And so that's gonna be backlogs! Ive been really aiming to write with sense. I have my chances yet I really don't know how to start.
So here's just my kickstart. Hopefully Id defeat inconsistency this time.. :)))
Everyday is dress up day at work. It's one of my motivations.

Today's outfit:
It rained so hard when I was just about to go to work. And I just won this white combat boots in an online bidding .
That's a longsleeve top turned  into short bodycon dress. Bought it from an officemate who got it from thrift shopping.
So I decided to wear this cause it rained and its gonna be cold. But a bit worried that it might get sunny in the morning i decided to wear it with an skirt to support the shortness of the dress. I know that if id wear it with a pair of leggings id look like im from Korea. Lol. And anyways it might get too hot in the morning. So I think pairing it with just the boots is good enough.
So whatchuthink?

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