Happy Mother's Day To Me!

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I woke up with this:

My Fiance is really not fond of giving me flowers. For the entire 2 years of us being together, this was the first time. I actually thanked him because he went beyond his shyness to bring flowers in public just to give me this. And he also bought me a cake.

 And we decided to celebrate Mother's day out. We're supposed to bring Lucas to a playroom at NCCC Mall called ZooFari but I was too dumb to think he's not allowed yet.

But it all went well. Lucas enjoyed Worlds of Fun instead. He was actually dancing with the people and its amazing how he his laugh can make my day completely awesome.






Being a Mom is actually the most fulfilling thing ever in my entire 26 years of existence. It changed me in and out. I couldn't even imagine how I turned from being irresponsible to being so responsible this time when it comes to being a working mom. To tell you honestly before Lucas happened, I have the habit of jumping one job to another. But I don't know if it's the company or maybe it's my motivation that I was able to stay for almost 6 months now with no records of tardiness or absences at all. The only downside of it is that I don't get to spend much time with my son. But I think that's a lot better than not being with him at all.

This is one of the best things ever in my life. And I thank God for it.

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