Feeling So Pretty in Pink

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 I am really enjoying the fact that I have the luxury to dress up at work.
And yesterday I decided to wear a floral midi skirt from my office mate's online shop.
I paired it with a midriff with side cuts. I'm actually thrilled that my black midriff jacket went perfect with it.

I am really into midriffs and hanging tops lately. I don't know why. Despite the fact that I just gave birth, my stretch marks didn't stop me from wearing something that might show them
And I don't know where that confidence came from. Fortunately, I have lots of bottoms that covers them. I'm safe. Nevertheless, I really think being a mom should not stop you from wearing what you want or to be fashionable. As long as it doesn't affect your character as a Mom, as long as it would not hurt your son or anyone. Guess you have the right. Everyone has the right. Women especially have the right to feel beautiful and to keep it no matter what circumstances.

And I'm really feeling pretty in pink!




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