Divergent Series. How I feel about it.

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So I am not the review type of person. No matter how hard I try to make a decent review. It always just stayed on my drafts, never published and I have to erase it eventually. I let it go, you know, the possibility of being a reviewer. Well, you can call this post whatever you want but this is just how I felt about Divergent. I decided to read it first before watching the movie. The series were just  on my reader for so long, I never bothered because reviews mostly were negative. But when it hit the cinema, I decided giving benefit of a doubt and started reading it. Surprisingly, I got hooked up. Maybe because I'm a sucker for romance novels and that Divergent is just like Hunger Games with the love story given emphasis.

So it's about a girl named Beatrice Prior who belongs to a world where the people is divided into what they called Factions basing on ones personality. Beatrice was born Abnegation, people who are selfless. There's Amity for those who values peace and kindness, Dauntless for those who are brave, Erudite for those who are incredibly smart and Candor for those who value truth. When they reach 17, they should be taking a test which will let them know which faction they'd belong. When Beatrice took her test, the problem was, she got inconclusive results, basically because she got Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite. She's all selfless, brave and smart. Which is rare and which they consider dangerous. But then on their Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice which later turned to Tris decided to go  with the Dauntless. Because she considers herself brave and selfish. When Tris went with the Dauntless, she have to undergo trainings that will make her belong. Then she met Four, her trainer which turned into her lover eventually.

The thrill of the story is how Tris made it through her stressful physical and mental training to being a Dauntless, to avoid being factionless which is one of her fears, without letting the Dautless leaders know who she really is. People like her are called Divergent. Divergents are threats for them. But on the latter part, conspiracies and secrets revealed that made them all wonder about the world outside.

Divergent is another The Hunger Games for me. But this gave me more feeling than THG. Both books are utopian fiction but Tris is more feminine than Katniss. Her feelings towards Four were emphasized. Their love story is fascinating. Tris shows bravery without forgetting her love life. And I'm awed that Four is acknowledging her strength. She even thought of Tris stronger than he is, that part when she asked for Tris' help on comprehending some things for him. So I think that I had a very wonderful journey with Divergent. It drowned me again, made me forget the world outside.


As for the movie, it was great. The book was given justice. Few characters were out though. The actors were perfect! And I'm actually crushing on Theo James who played Four. He's just perfect. Excited for the Insurgent. Heard they already started the production yesterday!

And before I'd go fangirl here, I'd just end it up with one quote from the book...


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