An Open Letter to My Forever

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Hey guys. Let me tell you upfront, this is gonna be a bit cheesy and all. I don't really do this a lot. And this is gonna be an open letter to my man. It is his 24th birthday today. I just wanna let everyone know how thankful I am of him. Of God for giving him to me. 

But here he is again, my Prince Charming!!! 


I don't know how to start this. But I have to anyway. So I think I'll start it with Happy Birthday!!
First of all, I wanna thank you for everything. For the love and for the patience. I never was perfect.I am not your dream girl but you showed me enough to make me feel I'm the best girl in the world. I know there have been a lot of times you've thought of giving up our relationship because of the bad times we've been through. But you stayed. You stayed to rescue me in everything. I've been bad, I've been insensitive, I have my moods and you're just there like water going with my flow. The best thing about you is that you never fail to make me feel special. Which honestly, I'm afraid sometimes, that I can't equally love you the way you love me. But thank you for always covering the holes. For all those times I came short. Thank you for being the best partner. 

Thank you for those little things. Let me specify it for you to know I appreciate every little thing you do for me. For making me coffee and always preparing my meal whenever you're available. For always taking time to listen to my rants. For alwasys doing my laundry. For keeping up with my childish moments and laziness. For being the best dad to our Lucas. Thank you for being there when I'm not around for him. Thank you for being responsible. I know that having a family came abruptly and I know that we're not ready yet. But thank you for accepting the role as a father for such short notice.

I can't blab about everything you are to me. But what I'm really trying to say is YOU ARE SO MUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON. You have one of the best hearts, you are one of the gentlest man. You are one in a million. And this is not sugar coating at all. I am not being biased. But I can just ask anyone who knew you for a month, for a year, or in your lifetime and they could never agree more. Because you are awesome to those whom you just met and to those whom you are with forever. 

These words are not enough I know. I may not say this that much but I love you. And another honest confession, it's hard to imagine life without you. It's losing my legs or losing my sight if that happens. So basically all I wanted is to be with you for the rest of our lives. Let's grow old together. Let's take chances together. It's never gonna be easy. We have to exert so much effort. We have to make Lucas a better man together. And we can make it. You are not perfect, I am not perfect either. But I think we're just perfect for each other. Let's be the best Mama and Papa for Lucas.

Happy Birthday Be!!
I love you.

Your pretty future wife,

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