Thrifted Prints.

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There are three things I am proud about this post. 

First, that I was able to pose differently from the usual. Haha. See? I am learning!

Thanks for the influence sistuhhh. Check him out. 

 Second, everything I wore except my sunnies and bag are thrifted!!

Jacket: 100php
Bodycon dress: 70php
Wedge Sneakers: 280php
Sunnies: Wireplay
Bag: littlefonsysonlineshop

Third, I finally found a way to make my photos bigger. I just used my iPhone for these photos. If I post it directly from my phone, It's so small that it goes blurry when I resize it for better viewing. This may not be as good quality with DSLRs but I think it's decent enough. Do you agree?

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