Pink. Nailed It!

by - 10:13:00 AM

Boho Top:  pinkfashiononline (Instagram)
Floral Vest: Thrifted (D.I.Y from long sleeves)
Bandage Skirt: Terranova
Jelly Boots: scenestealer (Instagram)
Bag: bagsbunnyph (Instagram)
Sunnies: Wireplay

So sorry for the awkward poses. I'm not just used to it. Honest! Still on the learning process. LOL. Anyway, I can't just miss this outfit. I got lots of praises from the office when I wore these.
Well, I do hope you agree with them? Do you think I nailed them too?

And oh, I am so inspired to blog. So expect more soon. 


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  1. your style is so stunning! love this outfit!!
    Emma xx


Thank you so much for checking on my posts! I appreciate every comments made! Love yah!