Be Yourself!

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Hi there. I do apologize for the selfie. Anyway, here's a little realization which struck me at once when I thought of wearing simple just to blend in.

Okay. So we always hear "Be yourself." And this is one of the best advices I hear from almost everyone.

I just appreciated the meaning of this a lot more now than before. I mean, I realized  why we're made to be different because we are supposed to be loved for who we are. Not for who we are not. Not for who we are trying to be. 

I always wear differently, I realized that many years ago. I thinks it has been a part of me. I am never simple. In fact I don't have jeans in my closet. I don't wear jeans and t shirt. One day, I will of course. That's only because I want to wear them. Not because I have to wear them to please anyone.

I am happy and blessed to have true people who accepts me for who I am. Fact is we cannot please EVERYONE.

This is not just for what you wear, this is in general. 

Point is you don't have to change yourself to please anyone. Change yourself, YES, for the better and FOR YOU. Not for someone else. However, it's always nice to know that somebody loves you because that's you. 

And because of that, I need to thank this man who accepts me for who I am. Supports my fashion sense, even though he thinks I'm weird. LOL. And guess what? I'm getting married to him hopefully, If God allows, this month.

And he is not just the Fiance... he is also my photographer.

What's special? My shorts was actually a swimwear. LOL. I just find them so cute I wore them as an outfit. Perfect for my muscle tee.
My zebra studded shoes is thrifted.

So do you think I'm weird?

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  1. Love love your shoes and the fringe on your shirt!! Great outfit!


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