30 Day Blog Challenge (August)

by - 11:42:00 AM

It's 2:30 and im just browsing. I decided to challenge myself. This is my own remedy of not being consistent in anything. ;))) So I decided to have my 30 Day Blog Challenge.
I also decided to be consistent on twitter and instagram as well. ;)

From a follower in Ig and will be pushing this too..

And also excited to share my ootds.

Wish me luck!! ;)))) 

By the way, here's my outfit earlier. It was a crazy day. Perks of being a mother and a businesswoman! Haha. 
Stripes Top from Penshoppe
Leggings from @fashionstyleforless (instagram)
Aztec Bag from @littlefonsysonlinestore
Sunnies and ArmCandies from @wireplay

Woke up early to play with Lucas but I went back to sleep just to find out Im late for my supplier's payment cut-off. Good thing they considered my payment at 10:30am. Rushed home to get Lucas vaccinated only to be told his schedule will be on August 7. 

Paid bills.
Shipped orders.
Dinner date at ChickenCharlie.

Will be posting my instagram photo challenge too. 

Support please.

Kisses! ❤💋💋💋

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