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Facebook friends... I know I've been bothering you with my "paclicks" and all.. but wanna know the reason why I am so makulit?

I wanna share this one to you because I want you t know I am really paid by just sharing. Your click counts!
I am not yet this very popular blogger to get paid by just blogging. This blog is for my rants and of course I'd be lying to you if I won't admit that I aim to earn through this. And since internet eats almost all my time, what to do right? EARN. is a shopping portal where you find anything you want. From top to toe, from bathroom wares to sofas and beds. Absolutely anything. The good news is Beso offers pay per click program not just to bloggers but all those social media enthusiast who have the guts to advertise the shopping   website. 

What to do? Click HERE

I read this from the Independent Blogger's featured blogpost. I never actually believed it at first. But when I checked my paypal, hell yeah I got my $0.20 (since I didn't worked out hard at it yet) So after I learned about the pay out, I worked my ass out sharing and clicking And boom, just last February 28, I got $21.95 on my paypal account. 

I didn't have a bank account connected on my paypal yet so I can'y cash it out yet. So I decided to look for my dream stuffs online and bumoed into an online shop selling baby stuffs. The ending?

I got this..

My Dream Satchel

Baby Stuffs for Lucas!! 

And I wanna show you how much I earned for 5 days.. 

Not bad right??

So friends don't be irritated please when I bother you to click a link... please?
My next goal is to buy a baby cloth diaper set and quite expensive. So help me please! =))

By the way..

Can you click THIS?

Actually the stuffs Beso sells makes me drool! Promise!! 

Wanna join the club?


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