What's In My Bag? January 2013

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I have told you about organizing and today I wanna show you what's inside my bag. As usual, the bag is heavy. So for those who are wondering why, especially those people who used to carry my bag, here's something you need to know. Haha

See? I don't like pink that much! Haha

What's in my bag?

1. Bible with the pink cover.
Both came from OMF Literature

2. Belle De Jour Coupons
In case of emergency! =)

3. Belle De Jour Planner
Like I could leave the house without it!

4. My Pencilcase

My students gave me most of my pens. 
Inside my pecilcase are my mechanical pencils, just pencils, erasers, highlighters, scribble notepad, and post-it notepad

5. My red Hello Kitty Wallet

6. My Cellphone Pouch
A gift from my student last Christmas

7. My Pink Umbrella

8. My So-called Kikay Kit

That contains only these!

9. My Housekey

10. My Pink Notebook.

11. Alcohol

12. My Pink Tumbler

13. My Ticked Pink Body Spray from Bench.

This is what makes my bag heavy!

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