This January

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My year didn't start out right. Things were pretty hard for me to accept but...

I may have lost much but I know I gained more than what I've lost.It had my heart broken, yes but right now while I am writing this, I feel light, happy, dandy and free as a bird. Thanking Daddy God for healing my heart easily, for providing me a way out and I know for sure I owe Him a lot, I hope my Daddy God would understand.

So hey enough of that. That's a pretty gloomy start! This is my time to share the things that I'm so much grateful for this week. As usual, I was never ever really good in accomplishing my New Year's resolutions including writing 4-5 blogs a week. This is my first blog for this week. Haha!

So here's a list of what I am thankful for this week...


Chi-chi. A chihuahua mixed dachshund puppy.

Earlier this morning, we received a text from a dog seller that she's selling the puppy we're considering to buy in a more reasonable price. Since we are actually itching to get a pup, we decided to get the puppy. Welcoming this very, very cute baby girl in the family... "Chi-chi"


I was scammed, maybe but God didn't leave me wandering in the dark. He gave me a way out. Thank you Lord for the jobs I have. I am currently working as an Online English Teacher to Chinese and Korean students in the morning and in the evening weekdays. I am also tutoring Korean kids Tom and Sandy every afternoon. At the end of the day, it gets pretty tiring but very much fulfilling. The kids I am teaching were adorable enough to take my stress away.. so that makes a happy career woman! (feelingera)


Ever since my Papa went back to work abroad, keeping and budgeting his hard-earned money had always been a trial and error.I never tried volunteering because I don't want headache and responsibility too big and knowing that I've been there before and failed, that means I am disqualified. But since, everyone is disqualified and God must have thought I deserve another chance, Papa gave me the responsibility again. On my first month, January, I blew it.. but Papa, with a renewed heart forgave me and just shook his head. This is a blessing. I thank God for the trust. It maybe a hard work but it is a challenge.


First week and it's full!!
This is one of the things I'm so so much grateful for having. Such a cure for my unorganized thoughts and schedules. I looked all over the malls and bookstores since it's a best selling planner. But I guess I meant to have one, cause I was able to grab the last one from SM City National Bookstore. Now I have my online lessons organized, money transactions tracked, etc. I can't help but feel more of a career woman than just simply being a teacher. I liked it!!!



Last but definitely not the least...

He or maybe she (hopefully) is not a secret! We got a li'l bit worried she's/he's supposed to be kicking, we went to visit the doctor last Wednesday, and finally, I felt him/her inside me move. Hearing his/her heartbeat overwhelmed me. Yes, I am five months and two weeks pregnant and I am so excited to be a mom. I'm more excited to post my pregnant fashion... haha!

So far this is the only picture I can show you. =)

But the best among all these are the lessons learned. No matter how devastating life can be, as long as you're breathing... and as long as you trust God with all your heart.. everything's gonna be alright.


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