Road of Our Lives

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At 1:20AM August 16, 2012 You're on my mind.

Feeling nostalgic tonight. This is just one of these crazy moments when you can't help but wish it's high school once again.

Missing high school sooo much, really much that I could sleep tonight dreaming about it.

Some of them're already there... on top. Some are still unemployed..(hands up! hehe) Some are happily married with kids... some are just somewhere out there, chillin', smoking dope (aw.. haha atik lang!) But this night, they're here... in my mind... running! (KORNIII..)

I miss Isay's short curly hair, Banot's Mr. Maryknoll body.. (kay wala na karon! hahah), Marianne's "whereas", Ma'am Espolong's loooong algebra equations, Deadline for Noli and El Fili Notebooks, Sheena's height, Makoy's "Now & Forever", The Enigmatic Band, TEAM IDIOT!, St. Thomas, Sir Martin! The unforgettable senior's ball + graduation day, batman and superman, angel and devil, Ghia's Siakol trip.... I miss my broken heart and my comforters and absorbers... pwede mag too many to mention nalang...? (Parang autograph lang!)

Obviously, I just miss you guys. Kabalo ko muana napud mo'g ako lang ang wa gapakita! hehe.. But... really, balik balikon nako.. namiss jud tamo! ='(

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