Indecent Proposal

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So what would you do if somebody soo wealthy would ask you to be his girlfriend? Like really wealthy? Like he is not he is a CEO of a company, and like he is here just in the same town with you... like he said he would rent you a place, support your studies, give you everything you want!! Like what? hahaha.... I never thought this would happen in real life. Akala ko sa telenovela lang! And like you have a boyfriend that you love sooo much.. and like he is somewhat 40 and Korean? like? like? like? UNLIKE!!

Well, here's the story... Since I am jobless, I looked for a job online. One morning I got a call from this company telling me to come for an interview. I won't mention the company if you don't mind. So I went to their office, had this interview with their Korean CEO and take note, this company is legit. It is more like a development company or a real estate... I don't know. They buy lands and develop it to resorts, hotel, etc., anyway, so he told me the job description which is a personal secretary that says I process documents, translator (since he is a Korean,he needs someone to explain things further in english because he can't catch up easily) and part of it includes travelling with him on business trips and meetings here, there and everywhere... yeah here to Korea! I admit, it was really, really enticing. I even prayed for this job.

He called me after two days telling me to meet him up somewhere. I thought we will be having a meeting with a client and I am hired. Only the latter was true. I am hired. He explained to me the job and its very fine details. I will be his personal secretary, he explained to me that he needed a secretary because he needed someone to process documents for him since it will be hard for foreigners to do it with the government offices. He said he needs someone to entertain his clients and to be with him on meetings. He said we will be going to Palawan the next thursday and that we would go shopping for clothes, swim wear, etc. He said I have to study Korean and go to the gym and he would rent me a place near the office. And that was a whoaaa! He even mentioned that I don't need to worry about money, food or place. Finally, he said I have to act as his girlfriend to his client. That was a major major boooo! So I ended up the conversation, went home and the day after, I changed my number. But since my email was on my resume, he sent me a message telling me his proposal. That he was so shy to tell me he wants me to be his girlfriend, and everything! So I said I can't because I have a boyfriend, and I love him. I said sorry and blocked him!

Well that's it. I think I made the right choice. I mean of course that was really, really tempting. I can have all I want that not in a million years I could have, but I guess I'm not just the kind. I can wait for a million years till I die to have all those things that I want if I deserve it.

Well to end up this blog, and to lighten up the mood.... AN OUTFIT POST!

Dress: Monica's Closet (Great finds by the way!)
Shoes: Thrifted
Photo by boyfriend! =) Thank you!!!

Nighteee girlies!!! 
God Speed!

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