Settle Down

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Again, this idea came from my former teammate. Nahihirapan akong maghanap ng topic eh. He's pretty interested with the TOP 10 THINGS I WANTED TO DO BEFORE SETTLING DOWN.
Eh? Someday, you'll ask who he is. Haha.

Well here's my TOP 10.

10 - Jessica Alba abs. I'll work on it. Haha. Before I settle down, kelangan kong magka abs. LolJk. Well, what I mean is, bago ako magsettle down, I wanted to learn how to maintain proper diet, to be disciplined when it comes to my health . Ayoko naman maging widower agad yung mapapangasawa ko.

9 - I'd like to do a volunteer work in a foundation to help. Whether it is a foundation for the sick, for the poor, for the lost,for animals or whatever. As long as it helps others. 

8 - To have my parents reconciled. Kahit maging friends lang sila. Atleast they would both be there on my wedding. 

7 -To be published. Whether on just a mag, on a newspaper. Whether as a writer or a model.  Basta mapupublish. Nang hindi lang isang beses. Or if God's will, makagawa ng self-help book.

6 - Fertility test. Hehe. This idea actually came from a friend. I think I'd like to know first if I am able to bear a child. Kawawa naman asawa ko kung hindi ko siya mabibigyan ng lahi. =)))

5 - To learn things people should learn before getting married. Like household chores, baby-sitting (to be better at it), and to learn how to be a wife. To learn how to be responsible and organize. How to deal with money. 

4 - To make sure my partner fears God. And we both embrace the same faith. 

3 - GRADUATE!!!!!! Yeahh!!! =)))

2 - To have am ideal job. A job enough for my needs ang little wants. Enough to help my future husband.

1 - To save lots and lots of lost souls. To be a blessing to anyone through my music and writing.

Yeah. That's my list so far. It might change in the future. =))

Wondering why I didn't mention having a house and a car of my own? Well I don't want these things. I want a FAMILY in the future. A husband who would help me buy a house we would call OUR home. And cuddly,  pretty kids who'd play around in that home. =)))))

Super antok nako. Di ko na mapapganda to. =)

Pray. Pray. Pray.

Let go and let God.

God Bless you and me.

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  1. im blessed having a friend like you in my lyf tih.. thanks sa mga thoughts na nakakainspire.. God bless you always! ♥

  2. thanks naman tih. salamat kaayo for the support tih. im also blessed to have you. =))) grabeh most of my friends, closest friends now uyab ng mga ex ko,, weird lagi.. haha. but then what happened to us, its worth experiencing kung ing-ani ang sukli.!! loveyou tih.


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