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Darn! Whatever. Super heavy ng araw ko ngayon. When I woke up kanina, parang ayokong tumayo! Me Gaaad! Today is the day and super flop ang best kong pag-oorganize ng event. Event for people who really don't f***in' deserve it. But here I am nagpapakamartyr at nammroblema. After this, ewan ko nalang.

I'm just not used to this. Truth is, I have no choice. Ako ang nagdecide, nagplano and then poof. Fail! Di ko man lang ma-explain sa kanila pano! Just wanna spill it out!

Walang mag mimix ng cocktail drinks, walang pera for the venue. Whoo. Can I just disappear for a moment? Sana nga lang magwork yung pagmamakaawa ko sa aking dearly beloved father at bigyan ako pera. Forgive me for this very gulo, very frustrating blog. I wrote a blog yesterday pero fail ang blogspot, nag-error. Better luck next time tuloy ang drama ko.

Posted this for the followers to help me pray para sa event later. God Bless to me.

Looking forward for a meaningful blog tomorrow! Kelangan ko lang ng konting meditation at GGB ako! haaist!

Lovingly yours!

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