Twenty Five Twenty One

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Ahhh so I finally took the courage to finish #twentyfivetwentyone 

Again, I write as I think, so my thoughts will be all over the place. I wish I can be coherent but this is all I got... lol

I have so much to say. I mean… I was watching it while it was still on going and then some people ruined it for me by spoiling it. 🤣 So I halted from watching since I pretty much know the ending because of spoilers. But somehow I felt their love story was so beautiful I wanna know why it ended that way, 4 episodes left and it still gave me the emotions despite knowing the endgame.

Okay, first of all, I never thought that the scene that will give actual tears was not a Yijin-HeeDo scene but the Madrid Yu Rim-Hee do hug. It was soooooo heartwarming.

Anyways, here’s what I think about #twentyfivetwentyone… 

While I really find it absurd that they fell apart because it’s an athlete-reporter romance, I told myself that if it happened in real life, I really can’t judge because I am not in their shoes in the first place. I kinda get it that if they continued their relationship, they might end up hating each other so much, it might affect their lives and it might cause damage that is unfixable. I get that.

So maybe, TwentyFiveTwentyOne is just telling us a story of love and friendship that was made the most of their time. After all, like Hee Do said, it was a great friendship and a passionate love. One you would wish to have at least once in your life. 

I have so much to say, I am a sucker for a happy ending… I actually expected to be upset because I was when I saw the spoilers, surprisingly, the ending gave me satisfaction after completely watching the episodes… when Hee Do came to the tunnel, it’s like coming to terms with herself, letting go of her what-ifs and regrets, and I guess that just means she’s happy and that’s a happy ending after all. 

I just wanna add, that my most favorite part is when Na Hee Do define their love like a rainbow. I mean when people these days are too obsessed with labels, I loved that young Na Hee Do understand that love isn’t just about labels, the maturity that came with her knowledge of love that it’s okay to not put a name on it, just feeling it… and both understanding it as a commitment to each other without actually being possessive. It is understanding that love is trusting that the other person knows what can make them happy, and what can make them upset. It’s that kind of love that I hope my kids will learn. The kind of love that I hope young people will understand. 

Twenty Five Twenty One is a good easy-to-watch series that reminded me so much of Reply 1988. It is a little angsty, but overall, it’s a feel-good series worth watching. You can watch it on Netflix.

Alsoooo, Kim Tae Ri is soooo adorable to ignore y'all! Nam Joo Hyuk is just her perfect match...

Urgh I can’t believe I finished another series! 


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