2gether The Movie: WE'RE FINALLY HOME!

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Will I ever miss writing about my most, most, most anticipated movie of last year? I won't. Of course, I won't! My blog being my pocket of memories, I needed this for my future self to read on! 

Spoiler-free!! I promise!

Disclaimer for my readers apart from myself, this is a reaction post and not a review. I am a fan of Bright and Win, and the series so please expect me to be very biased. However, I am still hoping to enlighten some of those who think differently (and I meant those who were not able to appreciate the "90% flashback" like you said.) 

It is indeed mostly flashbacks. Technically I guess, the production meant it to be a stand-alone movie for nonfans to understand who Sarawat and Tine are, what they are when they started, and where they came from. This is a win for those who are not in the fandom. But I get it that most of those who anticipated the movie are the fans, those who missed them, those who can't get over them, those who don't want Sarawat-Tine's universe to end. But let me tell you how this is a win for us fans, too. 

The flashbacks include each other's perspectives. I've watched the series for the nth time and am glad to still be fascinated. To be able to know what they both truly felt, when they started, it was a push and pull relationship (I swear I cringed the first time I watched how Tine can be so clueless, haha), you will finally understand their reactions to each other's actions. It felt like coming home yet it felt different and brand new. Watch the movie and you'll finally know when exactly is their turning point. All of us know that Sarawat's the first one who fell for Tine, but do you know when Tine finally felt it? It was my favorite part of all the flashbacks. 

So what do we get from the movie? 

I'll make it simple...

We get each other's perspectives, as I mentioned.
We get a new angle. It's like everything was zoomed in for us to notice so many little details that we haven't noticed in the series. I swear to god, the stares, their expressions, they're a whole lot different experience. If you felt butterflies in your stomach while watching 2gether The Series, your butterflies will be on another level because everything was given more emphasis, it was more concentrated, more focused. You'll get what I mean when you finally watch it. 

Most of all, of course, we get the added scenes that made their story come in full circle. Share ko lang, I was crying in some of the recollection scenes but I was bawling my eyes out intensely while watching the added scenes. One, because it's so beautiful (I swear it is), but mostly because it felt like they are saying goodbye to the witnesses of their love, US. We were all just "nakikirelasyon" lang and I guess they just ended that. However, the most beautiful part of it was, the movie is a way of telling us that Sarawat-Tine got their happy ending, and even made sure, they promised us, that they will be together 10 years, 20 years, 70 years later. They will be together tolodpai. And as a fan of their love story, as someone na "nakikirelasyon" with Sarawat-Tine, it made me happiest. I want to say it was more than enough... but the way I bawled my eyes out last night, I will never get enough of them. 

So in case you get to read this, I hope you open your heart to the movie, in that way, there will be no disappointment with the "90% flashback" only an appreciation to a love so beautiful who deserves to be told in so many ways, in a book, in a series, and in a movie. 

To my BrightWins, we're finally home! Group hug!!
To Bright and Win and to the whole cast of 2gether The Movie, this is a long shot... you may not be able to read this, but just maybe, just maybe it reaches you...



The movie is currently streaming on upstream.ph, tickets are still available on bit.ly/2getherUpstream.

PPS. Uploading my reaction video on YouTube soon and with no spoilers. XOXO,

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