Water Toast to Self-Love and Self-Care

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This isn't my most flattering photo but I am putting this one up here as a reminder that I did myself good these past few days. 

During the entire pandemic, I saw myself transform into someone I am not pleased looking at in the mirror. I eat anything and everything including the unhealthy, my body clock's a mess, I became the most professional couch potato there is. I procrastinated expertly, watched my anxiety heighten, and my anger management dissipate. Worse, it manifested physically. Don't get me wrong, belly fats and saggy boobs aren't bad at all... as long as you are happy with it. In my case, I am not. It just gave me more insecurities and existential crises. 

But then I woke up one not wanting to be in that state anymore... inspired by the people around me who even though I know had it tough too, kept striving and took it as an opportunity to make their grass greener, I decided to take a step to treat myself better. Sure, there were still bumps, there were still instances that I just really wanna raise my hand and just give it up, thinking that there's really nothing for me, but wonderful people just kept me going. Slowly, I was taking it one step at a time, but I am finally doing it. 

Here I am now, still not in my best figure... but hey, I've been doing my skincare for weeks without a miss now! I am cutting my sugar, and handling it well, and have been trying to eat healthy as much as I can, (still couldn't tolerate vegetables.). I have been working out too which is one of the things I am really, really proud of. I swear, my self-discipline would never even make it to kindergartens if it's an entrance exam. But here I am, trying to make things happen, for myself. 

It has done me better... not just physically but, better emotions, better mental state, and better life outlook. 

I'd have to give credits to these wonderful people I just mentioned. My kids, my family, my fanmily, and the striving and beautiful people from #davaomommycontentcreators. You don't know how much you inspire me to always move forward. Forgive me though, but most credit goes to my fitspiration Win Metawin! Haha 

Anyways, here's a water toast to self-love and self-care! And if you feel like giving it up, here's for you:

You're doing great, keep going! 


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