Globe Bright And Win Friendship Meet

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I never thought I'd get this chance... but FINALLY a virtual fan meeting with Bright and Win. I was losing hope, I swear... until somebody surprised me with a ticket and not just a regular ticket, IT IS WITH AN EXCLUSIVE VIP ZOOM ACCESS!!! Of course, I'd never miss telling you about it! 

Last October 19, Globe Telco held a Bright Win Online Friendship Meet, it was originally scheduled in August under the "Atin and Mundo" Campaign but pushed back because of the pandemic getting in the way. Well, I am glad it did. 

I was so excited and nervous since this is my first time at an online fan meet in Zoom. I got to experience it before but only got the regular ticket and watched them live on a platform. We have to do a practice run with my fan girlfriends just to make sure nothing will go wrong.

The fan meeting lasted for almost 2 hours and streamed live via Live Now. They kick-started it with a fun duet of my all-time favorite "Still Together" and moved on with playing games with the fans on zoom. Game time was the most fun part, especially since I got to participate in it as I was one of the VIPs who got access. Sobrang saya lalo na with their punch lines, antics, and their "inside" jokes. Most of the time, their LED background were the VIP fans on Zoom and I was giggling the whole time because I had too much exposure and was all over the place. I freaked out when we also got to see Win singing Bright's "Mistaken" in English Version and Bright singing Win's "That Person Must Be You". 

My next favorite is when they called in fans to ask them questions... I've been a BrightWin fan for a year and them interacting with fans is always one of the best parts, getting to know them more, hearing their thoughts... it never gets old and always chef's kiss! 

The best bonus ever were both Jennie and Foei!!! It was so fun having them in the fan meet, Foei just charmed BrightWins smoothly, and Jennie, a charmer like she always has been.

Lastly, we got our exclusive zoom photo op with BrightWin! I honestly did not even notice my frame was just in the center on top of them! 

And because this blog post is another i-wanna-look-back entry, here are my favorite BrightWin answers!

We are friends who are more than just friends, it's something extraordinary but seems ordinary, it's simple, I feel relaxed every time I am with him, it's like when you have a best friend when you were a kid, you may not see them all the time, but every time you see them, you feel happy.

-Bright to Win 

We know each other better than them.


You know what I mostly love about Bright Win's international fan meeting, they speak and communicate in English and even went above and beyond by learning our language just to give us a hearty message. 

I'd say it is another flex moment in my fangirling life. It was so fun, it may not be as good as meeting them live in person but it was definitely fun. 

Ngiting tagumpay!

Photo op!

messy desk set-up

over exposed me! Lol This video went viral in the fandom and my face was... just there, bombing!

Dry Run!

The Globe BrightWin Friendship Meet is now available to stream through UPSTREAM at P250.
You can get your tickets here: 

I just watched the video-on-demand and it's something you shouldn't miss. It features the Friendship Meet's never before seen behind the scenes! And if you'd purchase, you'd get the chance to win a signed poster and lenticular cards set! 

Thank you so much, Globe for bringing them closer to us and making one of my dreams come true... and of course thank you to Bright and Win for always, always bringing sunshine to our lives and making us happy! 



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