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I told you I'll be writing about my obsessions, right? I can't believe I will be pulling up my desktop on a Saturday just because I have screaming words in my head, I felt the need to write them. 

Some of you may not know but I've been spending so much of my time reading fanfictions lately... you wouldn't wanna imagine how much time I spend on it every day. Today, I just finished reading Double Rainbow by Eya (@vachi_win). It is a BrightWin fanfiction posted on Twitter. When I came across it on my feed, I ignored it until I can't anymore and I swear to god, that's one of the best "look back" I did in my life. (I know, I had the tendency of exaggerating my reactions... but I want you to at least feel the intensity maybe?) 

I will try as much as I can to share my reactions without spilling much... I will try. 

Double Rainbow is something you'll think, a story too good to be true yet something you'll think people can relate to. The story revolves around two VERY different people, and like most or not most relationships that found their way towards each other against the odds and their differences. (Writing this was so difficult because I can't really wrap the thoughts in my head... I always tend to write very incoherently so I hope you forgive me for the mess...) Maybe, I'll start with... what I love about it?

1. I love how it just doesn't relate to people in relationships,  it relates to people in general, from the most mundane things to the deepest issues hidden within oneself. 

2. I can't even find the words to describe how beautiful it was written! It's so romantically poetic, so passionate and I swear you'll find so many quotable quotes from it. I can't believe this is the first time the author has written a story. 

3. It was written so aesthetically that the fluff will not just give you butterflies in your stomach, it will knock some sense in your head too... the smut, (OMG THE SMUT), this is the first time I read a supposedly lustful scene but felt too much love while "doing" it. This is the first time I read making love as TRULY MAKING LOVE. And never ever read a most wonderful parting scene until Double Rainbow. 

4. I know I've always mentioned this in my reactions to fiction, but can't help it... this is one of those stories that have the perfect (more than perfect even...) blend and timing of fluff, humor, and angst. The fluff made sense, the humor made sense... THE ANGST MADE TOTAL SENSE! 

5. When the story is centered at Bright and Win, the author never missed highlighting each character. And that's one of the things I always love in the stories I read. 

And I am gonna highlight about WHAT I LOVE MOST IN THIS STORY... THE PLOT! 

6. Bright and Win's love in this story is so great... really great... that I trusted it so much even the time things weren't so sure anymore. I know I'd be devastated but I was even ready to let go of the "endgame" I was hoping, because I know for sure that whether they'd end up together or not, their love is so strong and so great, it's something that cannot be replaced nor forgotten. 

7. Bright - I first thought that he's so perfect, but as the story is progressing, I finally found something that makes Bright human. But if two words can describe Bright so well... GREEN FLAG! He is a walking GREEN FLAG! He always understood, even understood when to be there, when not to be there.. understood even when it hurts. 

8. Win - A pure soul you will never think that is "broken" inside (the "" emphasizes my hesitance because I am not sure that his inner battles make him broken.)  The author might or might not have noticed this but Win is just like their building in Ortigas. A facade. But his character's growth is just so beautiful and emotional to watch! Something you'll pay bucks for a VIP front seat. His "coming out" story was written so well, so gently, so specific... hinimay ng hinimay to ACCENTUATE ALL ANGLES. Another "too good to be true" yet too realistic for people to relate to. 

9. The progression of their relationship is not just the ideal fluff you're looking into the story... it is full of all other things, I have so much to say it makes me speechless but I promise you'll be able to tell it once you read them.

10. Lastly, but never the least, of course... THE LESSONS! I am not sure if this goes out to everyone, after all... this is fiction. Outcomes can't be 100% realistic but I hope these are remembered:

  • There are battles won together, there are battles won alone. It should not ALWAYS be fought together. I love how Bright had been so caring for Win, spoonfeeding him with almost everything yet he realized that even though he felt apologetic for not being there for him, he knows Win needs to face his battles alone. 
  • Take all your time to know yourself, accept yourself, and forgive yourself... but learn to know when is the perfect time to be at peace with yourself. It's the only way you can truly be someone you want to be. "Truly"... not just being dictated by the society, not just being swayed by the surroundings, not just being convinced by the people you "think" you love. 
  • Maybe, just maybe... being "YOURSELF" and letting the world know about you, is not "COMING OUT" but "LETTING THE WORLD IN".  RESIST!!! 
  • Always, always try to see the good in everything... and everyone. Even just once. You'll never know how much one is struggling and that struggle might be manifesting... so please, give at least one or two chances to people, the benefit of a doubt once.. or twice.. (I am talking about Win's Dad)
  • And like Win who thinks things are always "Never a failure, always a lesson." If you are in a current situation where you don't understand the things that are happening, JUST WAIT while moving... SOMEDAY, THINGS ARE GOING TO MAKE SENSE. 

I want to tell you more... I think I still have a lot more to say. I just maybe ran out of words anymore and I don't think I've said enough so I will maybe go back here from time to time to add some more, but for now... let me go back to reading it from the top... uninterrupted. I hope that these are enough reasons though, to convince you to read it too. Their love story is too beautiful not to be shared.

PS. If there's one thing I'd want to ask the author though, if it's not too much... I'd like to read reactions from the people who were there with them on their journey... Tay, Mike, and Gunsmile...and Rainbow! Maybe, it's better left imagining too, but it can also be nice to read a little narrative of meeting the parentals. But for the record, the ending is enough... I am asking for a bonus. Just a bonus. 
Here's an excerpt... kung di niyo pa masabing it is well written just by reading this... ewan ko nalang! 


And the author is right when she said... 

DOUBLE RAINBOW: a #brightwin fil au inspired from a true story——

probably the author's, or at some point, probably yours, too. 🌈🌈

Hindi naman halatang I so loved this story no? This is the first AU reaction I posted on my blog... and I say, it just deserves a space here. After all, this is a space for my obsessions. 

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