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I am back with an outfit post! YEY!!  This time, wearing one of my favorite tees from Velence Bangkok
If you haven't heard of the brand yet, well, most probably because, this is a Thai local brand. 

So I'd be honest, I came across the brand because I am currently fangirling with the amazing and talented, LINE Tv's Best Rising Star: Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn! He owns Velence Bangkok along with his macaron shop Souri


He's almost at 6million Instagram followers... CHECK HIM OUT! 

I want to tell you more about him but I'd probably won't stop so I'd do that next time in a VLOG!

Here are few facts and a quick review about the shirt.

This is from their Vivid Collection, their 2nd collection since they launched. I am wearing Vivid Sky. 

My photos are processed but here is the exact color: 

I've worn this tee with almost anything but this is my favorite styling. 
I paired it with my favorite tennis skirt to go preppy and edgy with my lace up boots.

The shirt's material is cotton and they're really soft and a little stretchy. I'd like to give you the accurate information about the print but I am not sure what type of print they used...I am guessing it's vinyl heat pressed. I've used this shirt a number of times, machine washed and so far the print is still okay. 

One thing I love about Velence is that even though it is a logo shirt, the logo artwork is classy, it's a print you'd want to wear with anything. From trousers to distressed shorts, from dress up to dress down. With the pastel colors and the lively font, it gives you that sunshiny vibe and perfect to be worn in a picnic. I actually wanna wear it under a deep neck floral spaghetti Sunday dress.

I also love the fact that this collection is so much different from their first launched collection. They went from the classic black and white logo shirt to vivid pastel! 

Here's me wearing the black Velence signature shirt from their first release.

If you'd ask me what I love MOST about Velence apart from the CEO is the really pretty vertical logo print at the back! I didn't get the chance to get a photo but here's how it look:

If there's one thing I'd suggest to Velence, I think it's time for them to have their own shop website. Though they're really doing good with LINE, Instagram, and Twitter platforms, I'd love to see full page size lookbook of their gorgeous models, including the *ehem* the CEO *ehem*

Here's another set of photos of me wearing Vivid Sky Velence. I went with more laid back, summer vibe so I paired it with tie dye shorts and pastel colored loafers from Melissa.

I actually wanted to wait for their latest collection Velence "Live in Color" to arrive before posting but that collection deserves a full post too.

But here\"s a peek: 


This collection was launched in June but mine is still yet to arrive. I can't wait!! 

There's also another Thai apparel brand I'd like to post soon... but the brand is currently on hiatus for a better comeback, so I'd put that on hold for now! 

So there! What do you think of the styling so far? and what else can you suggest?

Let me know! 





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