Sunshine Celebrates The King: Eternal Monarch's 1st Year Anniversary!

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 Ahhh! I can't believe it's been a year!!!

It's been a year since we saw something beautiful. It's been a year since we realized how to be able to love tirelessly, it's been a year since we saw Lee Gon's declaration of his Queen while on his white horse. I still get goosebumps when I rewatch that scene. Yes, I rewatched TKEM for the nth time already, I lost count. 

Of course, your ultimate fangirl wouldn't miss the chance to celebrate! 

But before that, lemme just share my 1st year with The King: Eternal Monarch apart from the countless rewatch. I spent my 1st year screaming, crying, fighting on Twitter with TKEM casts updates. I spent it with few sleepless nights over voting apps and polls. I spent one special sleepless night over a 4am indirect birthday greeting that seemed like a love declaration... it was definitely months of clowning and butterflies in my stomach. Spent the whole year waiting for a denial, still none. 

In conclusion, I spent my 1st year (virtually) with the best people who made my quarantine life bearable. And yes, I am talking about my TKEM fanmily. 

And that is enough reason to celebrate... but there's more. 

We're celebrating because TKEM is a masterpiece. 
We're celebrating because, for us, Lee Min Ho is the Best Actor of 2020
We're celebrating because, for us, Kim Go Eun is the Best Actress of 2020
We're celebrating because, for us, The King: Eternal Monarch is the Best Kdrama of 2020

We're celebrating because The King: Eternal Monarch dominated the world in April 2020.

And so, me and my friends at Kim Go Eun Philippines and The Royal Court Ladies just organized The King: Eternal Monarch 1st Year Anniversary Cupsleeve Event at Juice Cubi - Roxas Davao City. 

It was definitely fun decorating the place and made just like I imagined. TKEM Haven and heaven!

The King: Eternal Monarch 1st Year Anniversary Cupsleeve Event will end today, so for those who are in the area, don't miss the chance to celebrate with us! A Video LED AD will also be up tomorrow at NCCC Victoria Plaza Mall, Bajada, Davao City. 

We will also be having a hashtag party later at 11pm together with The Royal Court Ladies, Kim Go Eun Philippines, Minoz Philippine Fanclub, and The Black Heart Universe. 

Celebrate with us too on April 17, let's spend the whole day reminiscing our days with The King: Eternal Monarch. 

And to my favorite couple ever, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, 

"Thanks to you, I saw something beautiful" 

Please continue to love tirelessly.

PS. Since this is basically another comeback post, I am dedicating this post to my TKEM Fanmily especially to my little demons who are sticking with me... Majoy, Sofhia, Gela, Wisa, Zeph, and Juju. 

To my best friend in the fandom, GRACEY!!! And to the whole TKEM NATION, ARISE!!! 


Watch my The King: Eternal Monarch Talk Show with Tita G on YouTube for clearer skin!! 


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  1. Thank you for this. Amazing dedication. Wish I was in Davao. Very happy to know I am not alone in this journey of patience and perseverance for LMH and KGE to be real. Will keep praying for it.

  2. 😍😍😍😍😍


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