Just Another Friday

by - 3:38:00 PM

It's been like ages since I last posted here! I miss this space. 

How everyone is doing so far?

I hope everyone is coping up well especially this trying times! 

Me? Finally was able to break my vlog hiatus and uploaded A Day In A Life Vlog! 


This is just one of the longest Fridays I had. Here's a glimpse of my very honest and "unusual" mom life...

Today, we are joining NIDO3+ Virtual Picnic Session.

Check out how I usually start and end my day.. and don't miss Olivia's secret moments! I swear, if she's gonna make her own channel, she'll beat me to it! 

YES! Finally ticked off one of my most dreaded content on my content bucket list! YEY!! 

PS. Life isn't fancy.. our place isn't fancy.. but yeah whatever!! 

Enjoy watching! 

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