Dressing Up As Astro Albums

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So the other day, I asked suggestions from you for a fashion content because I miss dressing up. Someone answered from my IG requested dressing up as Astro Album entry. I was actually planning to do it when it trended last week but too lazy to do so.. haha. I needed a little push lang. Masyadong pabebe ba? 😂

I was supposed to do different styles but the struggle is real. 😂 I have to consider the color... and I am color deficient so I needed help on identifying the right colors.

I also wanted to make this a vlog entry pero bes inabot ako 2 days to finish this and gave up the idea. Maybe next time? 😊

Anyways, here's my 1st challenge accepted...


Spring Up

Summer Vibes

Autumn Story - Red

Autumn Story - Orange

Winter Dream

Dream Part 1 Day

Dream Part 1 Night

Dream Part 2 Wish

Dream Part 2 Wind

Rise Up

All Light

Blue Flame Story

Blue Flame Book

Venus Eunwoo

Venus B


BONUS: My ID Is Gangnam Beauty OST
I still don't have Dream Part 2 Wish and One & Only. I also was supposed to do Dream Part 2 With kaso I forgot and was too tired na. LOL

Oh by the way, they are having their comeback this May. ASTRO is one of the most talented, most synchronized KPop group in Korea. Not to mention they're all visuals too! Walang tapon!

Stan ASTRO!! 


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