The Mothers Club - Davao: Rockin' Since 2011

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Hello Mommas!

Today, I am going to introduce to you one of the groups I am so much proud to belong to: The Mothers Club - Davao. This support group of Davao City mothers has stood the test of time and I guess everyone will pretty much agree... The Mothers Club Davao has helped a lot of moms regardless of their status, age, shapes, and sizes.

The  Mothers Club - Davao started as a secret group founded by Mommy Jana Camille Redulosa, a project manager, last February 26, 2011. She went through early pregnancy and it was a difficult situation for her. She was even hated by her parents. This pushed her to create a Facebook group of young moms in her neighborhood to have someone to talk to and share her struggles as a young mom. TMC - Davao was called Sexy, Cool, Young Moms then and started with only 10 group members.

Fast forward to 2019 and after 3 name change, The Mothers Club - Davao grew from 10 to 24,000 members. TMC-Davao has been a home to new moms, expert moms, struggling moms, happy moms, and just moms.

When things went tough for the club, 5 years ago, Ruby Bascon, a mompreneur, joined Mommy Jana as an admin, and 2 years after, I joined them. Now, we have 5 new passionate mommies who are helping us moderating and handling the group.

Meet the Eight admins of The Mothers Club - Davao

My name is Jana, mom of two , work at home mom and project manager of Keller Williams California

I am Ruby,a wife, mom, and a boss. 


Hi! I am Sunshine. A rockstar mom, a spoiled wife, a blogger and an ultimate fangirl. 

Hi, I'm Edzel Joyce A. Morgia. Happily married. Mom of two. Loud and Proud stay at home mom. Ambivert. Idealist.

Hello. My name is Desiree Grace. A breastfeeding, babywearing and a work-at-home mom of 3.
My name is Micah Angela,proud mom of two boys. I am a digital marketing officer at Jezthetiques beauty studio.

Im Nova Rejuso a Mom of 2.
I am currently working in Maruyasu,  a Japanese Company 💕

Hi I am Tricia, a baker and a teacher. I am a mother of 2 boys who never run out of energy

The Mothers Club - Davao is created to support all the kinds of moms in Davao City. 
Hands-on or not, working or not, natural parenting or not, breastfeeding or formula feeding moms... we are striving and trying our best to improve and to help more moms in their journey as mothers.

This November 23, 2019, The Mothers Club Davao will be holding the biggest mothers year-end party! The Mothers Club Masquerade Ball 2019. 

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