Meeting Kang Mi-Rae D-day!

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If you read my previous post then you'll know that this post will be about what happened on our 3rd Day in Cebu. If you haven't then you can check out my lengthy detailed post about our first and second day HERE.

Our morning that day was totally a chaos when 2 out of our 4 friends who were supposed to be with us that day were not able to make it. One, because her dad found out and did not allow her to fly, though she already had her ticket and accommodation ready, the other one did not make it to her flight schedule. She left around 7 and her flight is by 9. Two of them though, Dee and Grace, arrived just in time for the meet-up that day.

Before telling you about our day, let me just give tell you a little back story. When we were invited to meet her exclusively, we were all very surprised and excited. Because we were also worried that she might be swamped by fans, we offered to make a reservation for our meet-up which we thought was easy. We were to meet up by 3pm on the 20th of October, as it is the only time she will be available. When we checked out restaurants at Jpark Island Resort, all restaurants are closed at 3pm. Some are only open by 6pm, some closes at 2pm. We need to reach out to the managers and supervisors of the resort to help us find an accommodation. We were connected to their PR guy named Rodan of Jpark Island Resort, who went out of his way to find us an accommodation. And I really want to thank him and Olive Restaurant who accepted our reservation. Rodan and Olive were such life savers! I'd be talking more about them on my next blog because they deserve their own post!

So we're settled with the venue... but on the day, we had another slight problem! We, again for the nth time, thought that we can easily find a bouquet of flowers to give to her only to find out that we needed an early reservation. It took me more than 5 inquiries to finally be able to find one who is willing to accommodate rush orders. Thank God for Cebu D'Joy Flower Shop for being another life saver that day!

We all met up at the hotel lobby around 1:00 pm. Yes. We were that excited! We have to wear our Amari shirts for identification and to be allowed to enter Olive Restaurant. We still really could not believe that we are about to meet her until she arrived in flesh! It felt so surreal. She was alll smiles when she saw us... and we were all nervous and starstruck! (Who wouldn't be?) Even my husband, who's not really a fan can't take his eyes off her. Haha. After introducing ourselves, she went ahead and said "My name is Soo-hyang" successfully on her third attempt. We didn't even need to ask for her autograph because she already asked her manager to prepare papers to be signed. We offered food but she chose to have iced coffee. She also willingly complied to do a video call to some of her fans who were not able to join us. She was shocked to know that we were all from other cities and not from Cebu and that we had to fly to Cebu to meet her. It was one of the most unforgettable 30 minutes of our lives. She was also so kind enough to take photos with other fans inside the restaurant as well as the restaurant staff. Before she left, she took one of the instax group photo and waved goodbye and told us to enjoy our lunch.

But wait, there's more, before she left, she stopped by the receptionist/cashier to pay for our order. We had to rush to her to say we will pay for our food. After she left, that was the only time we started eating. We had so much food! Haha We thought we will be able to share it with them but they left before the food was served. Olive serves mostly Filipino dishes and the food is honestly amazing especially the bagoong rice! We noticed that one of Im Soo-hyang staff went back to the restaurant. We found out that SHE PAID FOR OUR FOOD and told the staff not to let us know until we're done eating!! Kind is an understatement to describe her.

Here's a full video of our meet-up with less cuts.

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The day after, we booked a villa at Jpark and we met her at the poolside. It was so amazing that she remembered us and even initiated the hug!! She's really a charmer!! More of our Jpark adventure on my next blog!

Meeting Im Soo-hyang was definitely the highlight of my 2018! It was unexpected, a little bit stressful, tiring, but it's sooooo worth it! It will be a memory forever kept!

See you next post! Xoxo,

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