Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark Cebu Adventure (PS. I Saw Cha Eunwoo)

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This is the 3rd part of my Cebu adventure blog and I have mentioned in my previous post that we spent our 3rd day at Jpark Island Resort to meet up with the korean actress Im Soo-hyang. You can check out about my meet up story here.

On our fourth day in Cebu we booked a villa at Jpark. We were actually booked on the 20th supposedly but for some funny reason we cancelled our booking on the 20th which was cheaper, booked at Shangri-la and on the last minute cancelled Shangri-La and booked at Jpark again. Since the 20th was fully booked we ended up getting a Villa on the 21st which is actually a blessing in disguise. Medyo mahaba at magulong kwento guys, so let's skip that part! LOL

J Lounge/ Jpark Lobby

J Lounge

We arrived early at the hotel resort and was accommodated well. They do accept early check-ins when your room is available or when it's not, you are allowed to roam around the resort. We were escorted and rode a golf cart going to our villa and had a glimpse of the resort.

First of all, I have nothing but really praises with the hotel resort. I know this should be expected because Jpark Island Hotel Resort is a 5 star Luxury resort but more than the amenities it offers, I highly commend the great service we got from the hotel staff. As I talked about in my previous post, we had our first great experience when we had a hard time looking for a brunch reservation for our exclusive meet-up. It did took me a lot of emails and has been transferred to a few people, but we were greatly pleased that the hotel management specifically Rodan of their PR team helped as much as he could to find us an accommodation. Olive - a restaurant within Jpark, accepted our reservation and even extended their closing time to serve us.

Here's a video of our quick room tour:

Our villa has its own private Jacuzzi. The hotel is indeed the best place to go to when you needed to rest and relax from city life. 

After a short rest in our room and a quick and relaxing Jacuzzi dip, we went to Olive again to have our late lunch. Most of their food are Filipino cuisine and it's an amazing dining experience.  When we had our lunch after our meet-up we had their Bagoong Fried Rice with Pineapple, Gourmet Pork Sisig, Bicol Express Vegetables, Bam-i, and Cebu's Kinilaw na Tangigue. We were just too shocked and starstruck that we forgot to take a photo of our food.

Photo with Ms Jean

Ms Jean and her staff

Beef Pochero

Free Desserts

Chicken Adobo

Garlic Chicken

Here's a well deserved shout out to Miss Jean of Olive. We were able to chitchat with her during our exclusive meet-up the day before and when we met her again for lunch and knew it will be our last day in Cebu, she served us desserts and more rice for free!! We were so touched by the gesture and really felt so lucky.The entire restaurant crew was friendly and accommodating. She also did the same thing when we went there for dinner that day. Olive's food, Miss Jean and her crew will be on top of our reasons why we will surely go back to Jpark.


After lunch, we all went to spend the entire afternoon at the poolside. We went to try out their tube slide, space bowl, and open body slide. Around 4pm in the afternoon that day, Im Soo-hyang, her manager, and Jo Woo-ri, went to the poolside to try out the slides too. When she saw us there, she remembered us and initiated the hug. She asked us about the slides like we're old friends! We went to try out the slide again with them. It was another fun and memorable adventure.

After our pool time, we went back to the villa to wash and prepare for dinner, but that was also the time JTBC Cast had their celebratory dinner at Coral Seaside Restaurant. So we went to check it out a bit to see the cast (no photos because we're good fans.. lol) and then went off and have our dinner again at Olive.

It was this time we saw Kwak Dong Yeon, Min Dohee and Cha Eunwoo passed by. I was just really so shy and missed out the opportunity to say hi to Cha Eunwoo. But my friend said "Annyeong" and Eunwoo responded to her!

After our dinner, we decided to stay at J Lounge in the lobby and spend the entire night there since it is going to be our last night in Cebu. We even had free cake because one of the guests is celebrating his birthday. We saw most of My Id is Gangnam Beauty casts passing by here and there at the lobby. We even saw Cha Eunwoo more than 10 times that night. But we chose a table far from them so we won't be a bother.

This will definitely ruin my feed.. CHAR! hahah But this is my receipt of my very quick encounter with Cha Eunwoo in Cebu. Di nga lang talaga nahuli yung pag bow nya sakin.. So I was actually a lil disappointed that I didn't get to see him upclose during our stay... well, we're respectful fans naman so di namin sya sinundan kung san2. We just stayed where we're supposed to stay hoping and praying we'd bump into him. During our last night, our squad was having coffee at the lobby and stayed till dawn kasi alis na nga kami by 5am because our flight is by 7am. Eunwoo passed by the lobby soooooooo many times! And we were just there watching him. I decided to go back sa villa to sleep a bit when my friends told me na kakain sila sa labas. That's like 3 in the morning.. natatawa ako while remembering that I was even deciding which wing dadaan kasi haha there goes my heart still hoping na may makasalubong ako.. and then VOILA!!! Cha Eunwoo just got back from somewhere and he was going my way and I waved and he bowed... and waaaaaah!!! That was the grandest conclusion of my Cebu trip!! Nahuli pa sya ng friends ko sa video!!! And if you wanna know the story of the background song, inaasar nila ako because they know I'm a Kathniel fan! Haha ❤️❤️❤️ Happiest, luckiest fangirl! ❤️
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The best part that night was when I went back to J Lounge around 3am from the Villa. My friends who were staying at J Lounge the whole time drinking coffee and beer called me up for a snack. While heading to the lobby, I met Cha Eunwoo at the hallway! I waved and he bowed to acknowledge me! That was the second most unforgettable part of my Cebu adventure. I was a little sad before that happened because for how many times I saw Cha Eunwoo, it was either he's too far, within the crowd, or I am not wearing my eyeglasses. But I was so lucky I got one encounter just before we went home!

 We headed to the airport around 5am and that concluded our Cebu experience!!

To my future self, I hope you enjoy reading this while reminiscing!


We booked our Villa Suite for Php18,300
1 night with Buffet breakfast and private Jacuzzi.


And thank you readers! Till next adventure!!!

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